Peace Cares Fund

The Peace Community has always come together to face a challenge. In 2020, William Peace University created the Peace Cares Fund to support unexpected costs due to the extraordinary circumstances of the global coronavirus outbreak. All future distributions of the fund will assist the University and its faculty, staff, and students due to loss associated with a recent natural disaster, accident, catastrophe, death, or illness.

Gifts of all sizes are welcome and create a positive impact that is crucial in this unprecedented and challenging time and future times of need.

Examples of How the Peace Cares Fund May be Used: 

  • Expenses related to student emergency travel (i.e., travel assistance off-campus)
  • Medical fees
  • New technology for online classes and staff telecommuting
  • Temporary housing and supplies; other necessary living expenses
  • Storage and moving expenses
  • Additional sick time for staff who have exhausted all earned leave hours
  • Refunds for a portion of room and board costs for students leaving campus

Fund Distribution:

Funds are awarded under the direction of the President based on a review in conjunction with the Senior Leadership Team. Funds may be awarded under the following conditions:

  1. Students, faculty, and staff who apply for a grant for personal assistance (see below: Eligibility for Personal Gifts)
  2. Funds may be distributed to assist with operational shifts during a time of crisis (this may include, but is not limited to, technology, facility/infrastructure, refunds, etc.) under the direction of the leadership team.

Funds are only awarded when the fund has monetary availability.  Should the fund have zero balance, funds will not be awarded.

Apply for a Personal Grant:

Because of this fund’s limited sources of income, requests will only be considered for up to $500 per student or employee. The Senior Leadership Team will determine the amount of financial assistance awarded. Financial assistance is limited to one (1) grant per applicant per any twelve (12) month period.

Eligibility for Personal Grants: 

  • Students must be enrolled and attending classes in a degree program at WPU and be in good standing with the University.
  • Active, permanent employees of the University—either faculty or staff—classified as regular full-time or regular part-time with at least one full year of service. Employees must exhaust all leave (sick, personal, vacation, extra time off (ETO), etc.) prior to applying for any grants.
  • Completion of the Peace Cares Fund Application.

Grants May Be Requested For:

  • Unexpected medical expenses
  • Housing and living costs
  • Transportation needs
  • Family/personal emergencies
  • Natural disasters
  • Loss of income
  • Other similar situations or loss

Note for employees: “Reasonable and necessary” personal, family, living, or travel expenses are covered if incurred as a result of the COVID-19 qualified disaster (or other related disasters) and not reimbursable under another WPU program, covered by insurance (health or disability) or intended as income replacement for a family member. Requests will be considered for reimbursement of up to $500 per employee.

Guidelines & Processes:

  • Financial assistance is not intended to replace all losses or to reimburse the cost of nonessential, luxury, or decorative items or services.
  • Funds are paid based on the type of request and urgency of the hardship.
  • Recipients may receive funds only once per semester. During any twelve (12) month period, applicants may only apply once, and no more than $500 may be awarded to a student or employee.
  • >Funds do not need to be repaid; however, they may be subject to federal/state taxes. Please consult with your tax preparer or accountant.
  • Applications will be reviewed during normal business hours. Please allow up to five (5) business days for a response.
  • All financial assistance shall be distributed in compliance with the University’s nondiscrimination policy.

Peace Cares Fund may not:  

  • Be used to pay prior balances owed to William Peace University.
  • Be released without a completed application and supporting documentation.
  • Be used for any reason outside the program’s guidelines.