American Ethnic Studies Minor

  • Overview

    American Ethnic Studies Minor at William Peace University will focus on historic and contemporary issues of race and ethnicity in America.

    Available Fall 2021

    Ethnic Studies is an interdisciplinary field of study born out of the protest movements of the mid-20th century, focusing on historic and contemporary issues of race and ethnicity in America.

    This interdisciplinary minor in American Ethnic Studies will allow students to examine the experiences of American ethnic groups within social, cultural, historical, and political contexts. Within the minor, students investigate themes of social justice, civil and human rights, and equity and inclusion across relevant communities. This minor is available Fall 2021.

    Within this minor, students will have the opportunity to:

    • Be introduced to theories and analyses of race, ethnicity, racism, and class division
    • Explore the history of race and ethnicity, and the cultures of major racial and ethnic groups in the United States
    • Be exposed to theoretical and analytical frameworks to understand an increasingly complex, multicultural and interdependent nation and world
    • And, practice critical thinking about issues of social injustice and the common good, and strategies for working toward a more just society

    The current shifts in racial and ethnicity demographic trends in the state of North Carolina and nationally highlight the demand to  racial literate citizens. The minor in American Ethnic Studies is intended to address these shifts and provide students a broader cultural awareness. The minor also will allow students the ability to enhance skills in critical thinking, writing and researching connected to their understanding of diversity and to function ethically as a part of the global workforce  

    A minor in American Ethnic Studies will benefit students in any number of professional fields including banking, immigration and customs, counseling, law and law enforcement, intelligence, curatorial work, education, social work, researching, and writing, among others. 

    Students who minor in American Ethnic Studies will also be equipped to serve as diversity student leaders on campus through programs like Men of Peace and the DEEP Peer Diversity Educator program. The Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion will collaborate with students in various ways that can enhance their understanding and involvement at WPU and in future opportunities.


    Students work with faculty within the Leadership & Nonprofit Administration Program
    As the demographic landscape and diversity in our communities continues to change, it's important that we understand inequalities to make needed change.
  • Faculty
    Associate Professor of Anthropology; Department Chair of Culture, History, and Politics
    Program Director of History; Assistant Professor of History
    Professor of English; Program Director of English
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