Bachelor’s Degree in History & American Studies

  • Overview

    History and American Studies majors are well-rounded, well-informed students ready to pursue a variety of graduate programs and careers in education, law, research, politics, non-profit service organizations, and communications.

    This unique, multi-disciplinary program focuses on American history and culture. In addition to completing a number of history courses, students broaden and enhance their study of American culture and history through the pursuit of interdisciplinary course work.

    Georgetown University study, which analyzed 137 college majors from universities across the country, ranked “history” the 18th most popular major in the United States.

    Also, data from the National Center for Education Statistics places history at no. 21 on its list of the most popular 200 majors at U.S. colleges and universities.

    Explore U.S. History & American Studies at WPU
  • Faculty
    Beth Kusko, WPU Professor.
    Program Director of Criminal Justice, Political Science, and Pre-Law; Assistant Professor of Political Science
    Katie Otis, WPU professor.
    Program Director of History; Assistant Professor of History
    Vinnie Melomo, Ph.D.
    Associate Professor of Anthropology & Department Chair of Culture, History, and Politics
  • Careers

    The American Historical Society provides a long and detailed descriptions of career opportunities open to history majors.

    Discover History & American Studies Careers

    Other career opportunities include:
    • Professor
    • Teacher
    • Lawyer
    • Paralegal
    • Museum Director
    • Park Ranger
    • Foundation Director
    • Manuscripts and Archives Librarian
    • Digital Archivist
    • Photograph Archivist
    • Book Editor
    • Journalist
    • Grant Writer
    • Speech Writer
    • Campaign Staffer
    • Congressional Aid
    • Public Policy Analyst
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