Bachelor’s Degree + MBA in 5

  • Overview

    You can get a William Peace University bachelor’s degree and a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Meredith College in just five years. This new program launched in 2021 and offers students the opportunity to reach their academic goals more quickly. The program is tailored to each student who participates based on their major.

    How does it work?
    During a student’s senior year at WPU, if admitted the student may take up to six credit hours at Meredith College in the MBA program. Those credits will count for both the undergraduate and graduate degrees. 

    Do I need to major in business to participate?
    No, WPU students can have any undergraduate major. However, some of the prerequisites for the Meredith MBA are already part of the curriculum in the business-related majors. If you’re studying something without any business classes, you can work with your advisor to see where you may be able to fit the prerequisite courses in your academic plan. 

    What about financial aid? Will I pay Meredith or WPU?
    While an undergraduate student at WPU, you pay WPU tuition with any financial aid that you qualify for as usual. The six credits of Meredith MBA courses taken during the senior year are included. Once you graduate from WPU and enter the Meredith MBA program full-time, you pay those tuition and fees directly to Meredith. 

    When should I decide if I’m going to pursue the Meredith MBA?
    Ideally, students would apply for the 4+1 program by March of their junior year. However, the sooner you work with your advisor, the better. That way you can discuss classes that align with your undergraduate degree and prepare you for the  4+1 program. 

    Next Steps
    If you’re interested in this program, contact the Office of Academic and Career Advising at Because it is fully customized for each student, an advisor will work with you to discuss a path to a Bachelor’s and MBA. 

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