Careers to Pursue With A Marketing Degree

May 23, 2022

Are you a college graduate who just received a Bachelor of Science in Marketing or Communications and have no clue what type of job is right for you? Marketing is all around us and there are different career choices that you can go into with either a Bachelor of Science in Marketing or Communications. Marketing careers tend to fall under these four many focus groups when you are looking for a job:

  • Business and Finance
  • Copywriting and social media
  • Analytics and Data
  • Public Relations and fundraising

Within these four focus groups listed below are some top jobs for entry-level positions straight out of college. 

  • Marketing assistants tend to be the number one job graduate students with a B.S. in Marketing tend to look for. On average ranges from a starting salary of $32,000 – $54,000 depending on the company. Their main job is to provide support to the marketing team. They have duties and tasks that include department communications in preparing reports, surveys, questionnaires, and other ways to measure and show market research.  
  • Event managers plan and manage different business and social events, for promotional purposes for the business or organization. Their job is to also handle all the event planning and preparation for the business, while also running each activity during the event. Good marketing background is needed for this role to properly market why the event has a purpose or message for the business, while also making sure the event has an audience that attends and engages positively. Their average salary is estimated at $48,267 per year. 
  • Sales Manager or Sales Representative has a main goal of increasing sales for products or services. They are also responsible for selling the goods and services the business has to potential new or constant customers. In these careers, they use their marketing skills and background to advertise products and services sold by the business or organization, by identifying potential customers to persuade them to buy from them by using various sales techniques. Their average salaries are estimated at $58,011 per year. 
  • Public Relations Specialists tend to have more of a B.S. in Communications due to communication with the general public on the behalf of a business or organization. Their main goal is typically to spread the organization’s messages and point of view to the public. They need to know how to use a wide variety of modern and traditional media outlets to better do this. People in these roles tend to have an estimated salary of $56,765 per year. 
  • Market Research or Data Analyst typically monitor, predict, or estimate different marketing and sales trends throughout the business or organization. They tend to do this job by different evaluation methods for collecting data, such as surveys, questionnaires, or polls. They take the data they have gathered and organize it and use it to draw relevant conclusions regarding customer feedback or changing how the business or organization is selling their products or salaries. Their average estimated salary within this section of this career is $61,061 per year. 
  • Social Media Manager or Digital Marketer’s tasks can include overseeing a business organization’s entire social media strategy, with the purpose of increasing its brand visibility and customer engagement. Businesses and organizations need to be able to have a good online presence and outreach on social media and these individuals tend to have good technology and creative writing skills. They help the business develop and manage an online presence, analyze results, and conduct various social media campaigns to boost the business’ popularity and sales. These individuals in this career have an estimated salary of $48,267 per year. 
  • Brand Managers are responsible for overseeing all the aspects of the marketing process for the products or services of a business or organization. Having good communication skills is needed because they will need to maintain constant communication with other departments within the business and external contractors/ customers, with the purpose of conducting research, planning, and advertising. Their typical average salary is $90,000 a year.
  • Copywriters need to have good and creative writing skills because they create written copies for a company for advertising, brochures, billboards, promotional copy, and digital content. The copy that they typically create contains useful and relevant information to enhance the company’s brand to consumers and generate consumer awareness around the company’s product, service, or event. Their estimated salary is $51,574 per year. 

How long will it take me to earn a marketing degree at William Peace University?

William Peace University’s Marketing program gives you two different options on how you can earn your credentials in Marketing by either:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing
  • Accelerated Online Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing

For traditional students, Bachelor’s degrees typically take 4 years to complete, while if you take the Accelerated degree it can be earned in as quick as 12 months.