Chadwick Family Scholarship Fund enhanced through “22 in 2022” legacy gift

Aug 24, 2022

The Chadwick Family Scholarship Fund, originally established in 1978 as the George H. Chadwick Jr. Scholarship, received a recent gift that is part of the “22 Courageous Gifts in 2022” giving campaign – a campus-wide fundraising initiative at William Peace University (WPU). Donors, like Bryan and Gibbs Chadwick Ives ’76, support this initiative by making a courageous commitment that provides our students with the resources they need to learn through immersive experiences, build upon their courage and develop the confidence needed to turn their passion into purpose. These gifts will shape both the future of our University and our students. To learn more or to donate visit 22 in 2022.

“We have a family love for Peace,” said William Peace University (WPU) Alumna Gibbs Chadwick Ives ’76. “As a family, William Peace University is very much part of our lives.”

Gibbs Chadwick Ives ’76 and Bryan Ives

Gibbs’ mother, Josephine “Jo” Chadwick ’43, graduated from what was then Peace Junior College.  Gibbs’ sister, Beth ’72, followed her mother to Peace College, and Gibbs continued the family tradition graduating in 1976 and serving as student body president. 

Beth and Gibbs’ father and Jo’s husband, George H. Chadwick, Jr., served the school as Chairman of the Board of Visitors at the time of his death in 1978. His son and their brother, George H. Chadwick, III, later served on the Board of Visitors, and Beth has served as the Chairman of the Board of Trustees.  

George H. Chadwick, Jr., former Chairman of the Board of Visitors

Jo and her three children, along with numerous friends, established the George H. Chadwick Scholarship Fund in his memory when Mr. Chadwick passed away in 1978. Gibbs thinks that maybe it was because her father decided to serve his country as a captain of a B-17 Flying Fortress on 50 missions over Europe during the Second World War before he could graduate from college, that he developed a life-long passion for helping and encouraging other young people toward obtaining their college education.  

After Jo’s death in 2021 the family renamed the fund The Chadwick Family Scholarship. Now, Gibbs and her husband Bryan are honoring the memories of Gibbs’ parents with a recent donation to The Chadwick Family Scholarship. 

“Our family was and is confident that supporting scholarships at Peace for students is a courageous way to support an institution we have been involved with for years,” she said. “We are confident that William Peace University will continue to provide the life changing opportunities and experiences that it has provided to our family.”

The Chadwick Family Scholarship Fund supports WPU students who are in financial need and have favorably impacted their school, church, and community.

“I am excited for Gibbs and Bryan’s courageous gift to WPU,” said Paul Scherschel, WPU Director of Development for Major Gifts. “They and their family have long supported Peace and now with their latest gift, they continue that legacy and lasting impact through The Chadwick Family Scholarship Fund.” 

Josephine “Jo” Chadwick ’43

“William Peace University is a school for students that want to do courageous things,” said Gibbs, who is a former member of the Board of Visitors. “By going to WPU, they are immersed in an environment that encourages them to step out and be bold and courageous. They get an education that leads to success.”

If you are interested in joining the Ives family in courageously supporting students, please visit