Exploring the Many Benefits of a BSN degree

Jun 9, 2023

Nursing has gotten a lot of attention in recent years — and for good reason. The nursing profession is one of the most important roles in our community.

Working in the nursing profession is challenging because of its importance and certain difficulty, but also meaningful work. The growing demand for registered nurses is driven by a variety of factors – among them a sharp increase in the number of aging populations and the need for chronic care and care management. Now is an excellent time to get into the field of nursing. 

RNs are not only active in their field of expertise, but also participate in the supervision of other staff including nurses and nursing students. RNs often work in the intensive care, emergency, neurology, obstetrics, mental health, cardiovascular, and surgical departments.

Why Earn a BSN Degree 

Registered Nurses (RN) earn an associate degree. Many nurses, especially at hospitals, choose to earn a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN). There are many reasons to take the next step and earn a BSN degree. 

Some of the benefits of the Accelerated RN to BSN Degree from William Peace University (WPU) include: 

Expanded career opportunities: Many healthcare facilities and employers prefer or require a BSN degree for nursing positions. By obtaining a BSN, individuals can access a broader range of job opportunities within the nursing field, including leadership and management roles.

Advanced nursing skills: The BSN curriculum typically includes additional coursework in areas such as nursing research, community health nursing, public health, and nursing leadership. These courses provide a more comprehensive understanding of the nursing profession and help develop critical thinking, research, and leadership skills.

Professional advancement: If a nurse plans to pursue advanced practice nursing, such as becoming a nurse practitioner, clinical nurse specialist, or nurse educator, a BSN degree is typically a prerequisite. The BSN provides a solid foundation for further specialization and advanced nursing roles.

Higher earning potential: In many cases, nurses with a BSN degree may earn higher salaries compared to those with an associate degree. Some employers offer increased pay differentials for BSN-prepared nurses due to their expanded knowledge and skills.

Personal fulfillment and lifelong learning: Pursuing a BSN degree allows nurses to delve deeper into nursing theory, research, and evidence-based practice. It offers a more comprehensive educational experience and promotes lifelong learning, enabling nurses to stay current with advancements in the field and provide high-quality patient care.

Career Options for BSN: 

  • Age Care – Taking care of the elderly
  • Child and Family Health – Taking care of children and families’ health
  • Community Health – Taking care of community’s health
  • Critical Care and Emergency – Critical Care and Emergency
  • Development Disability
  • Disability and Rehabilitation – Disability and Rehabilitation
  • Medical – Medicine
  • Medical Practice – Medical practice
  • Surgical – Surgery

Earning Your BSN at William Peace University

Many nurses are nervous about going back to school. Most work full-time while enrolled in classes, which is why WPU offers a flexible program. 

  • Take your classes online or hybrid, with some online and some in-person classes.
  • WPU offers both part-time and full-time schedules. 
  • Transfer up to 90 credits from previous education. 
  • Earn a BSN degree in as little as 12 months. 
  • WPU offers multiple start dates throughout the academic year. 
  • Reduced tuition rates – saving you as much as $4,000 on nursing courses. If you work at one of our partner organizations, you get additional tuition discounts: WakeMed, UNC Rex Healthcare, and UNC Physicians Network employees.
  • A BSN includes some clinical work, but WPU students can complete that with their employer in many cases. 

While getting your BSN degree may feel daunting, it’s easy to make a career advancement with William Peace University. Contact us to get started on RN to BSN!