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Campus Dining

Campus Dining is eager to serve our students with increased dining options and enhanced safety protocols this academic year. Some of the changes and new options students can expect to see include: 

  • During Lunch and Dinner, all stations will reopen all of the food stations including but not limited to the salad bar, the deli, the vegan and vegetarian station, a grill station with condiments and dessert area. We are also bringing back the action station.
  • A new Late Night Dining concept is open in the dining hall from 8-10. p.m. 
  • The dining hall will be back to 75% seating capacity and meals can be consumed in the dining hall or can be taken to go.  
  • The Dining staff will follow all applicable local, state, and national health authority guidance for COVID-19. 
  • The Dining staff is taking every action to ensure the health and safety of employees, clients and the community by reinforcing existing rules for personal and hand hygiene, food safety, social distancing, wearing a mask per the guidelines and maintaining a clean and disinfected environment.

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Campus Events

We want all of our Pacers to feel a sense of belonging here on campus, which is why there will be campus events throughout the semester, all of which we are planning in a way that abides by the health and safety guidelines set by the University. Based on student feedback, Student Involvement will offer in-person events with occasional virtual or hybrid programs. In-person event capacities will be updated based on University guidance. Students must still wear masks at all indoor events. Students are encouraged to check out PacerEngage ahead of time for event details and will check into events upon arrival.We will be limiting the amount of food at events and pre-wrapping everything that is served. Hand sanitizer will be available at every event.

All details about traditions will be communicated from the Student Government & Programming Association via social media (@williampeacesgpa/@wpusgpa) and The Pacer Newsletter. If there are student concerns or suggestions, please email

Leadership Opportunities

WPU is home to 20+ Registered Student Organizations (RSOs). These RSOs are vital to the success and vibrancy of student life on campus and provide programs, a sense of belonging and various leadership experiences to our Pacers. This year our RSO leaders will continue to provide our campus community with opportunities that align with the CDC guidelines. RSOs will host meetings virtually or in-person, provide physically distant programs, and participate in-person training opportunities with virtual components, to further their development as leaders.

While RSO programming will abide by the health and safety guidelines set by the University and state of North Carolina, our RSOs will remain actively engaged in the WPU throughout the semester.  If you have any questions about joining an RSO or creating your own organization, please contact  We look forward to connecting with you.


WPU is a community that values our many traditions and pride. We celebrate the connectedness of our community and the events that take place year after year. While the safety of our community is our top priority, we are excited to shift our events to a more in-person format in addition to maintaining virtual options! Our Student Government and Programming Association has worked hard to reimagine events such as the Traditions Dinner, and bring back our favorite events like the Red Rose Ball! The Pacer student experience is our top priority and we will continue practicing all CDC and state government guidelines as we provide our students with opportunities to build community!

All details about traditions will be communicated from the Student Government Association via social media (@williampeacesga) and The Pacer Newsletter. If there are student concerns or suggestions, please email

Service and Civic Engagement

WPU students, faculty and staff are active in our community, the city of Raleigh, and the world beyond. The Office of Student Involvement is planning fun, impactful, and safe community service and civic engagement events throughout the semester that will allow WPU to still make a difference. A variety of service events and projects, as well as Civic Engagement opportunities, will be held throughout the semester.

All details such as schedules, event registration, event updates and other relevant information will be communicated via email and social media. Make sure to follow us: @wpustudentlife and check out to stay updated. No matter the situation, you will find the Pacer community making an impact! If you have any questions about service or civic engagement, please email