Bachelor’s Degree in Interactive Design (IxD)

  • Overview

    The intersection of computers and human behavior is critical in developing many products and systems common to 21st-century life. Interactive designers and User Experience (UX) professionals work to improve the complex issues related to that intersection.

    Interactive designers work to solve design problems in multimedia, cell phone apps, video, website, user interfaces, gaming, and education. IxD and UX are becoming increasingly important in almost everything, so opportunities reach well beyond these. Using different design processes, designers apply creativity, ideation, principles of good communication, and technology skills to conceptualize, build, prototype, and develop applications for a myriad of needs that include motion graphics, UI and UX design and digital storytelling. 

    Interactive Design students learn and use design practice and design thinking — such as human-centered design (HCD) and prototyping — to positively affect user experience and understand the user journey, behavior, and interactions. 

    At WPU, students will study web and graphic design, building skillsets in technology, multiple programming languages, product design, user experience, and human behavior.

    Spring Showcase, student showing an illustration to a teacher.
    Interactive Design at WPU is an interdisciplinary opportunity for students to explore UX, UI, web design, human-computer interaction (HCI), psychology — even the fine arts — while collaborating with esports and simulation and game design.
  • Courses

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    Interactive Design B.A.: Sample 4-Year Plan

  • Faculty
    Brandon_Crews Headshot
    Assistant Professor of Simulation and Game Design; Program Director of Simulation and Game Design
    Roger_Christman Headshot
    Department Chair of Art, Communication, and SGD; Associate Professor of Art, Communication, and SGD
    Jackson Bostian headshot
    Assistant Professor of Interactive Design
    Assistant Professor of Communication and Interactive Design
  • Careers

    Demand for Interactive Designers is growing, driven by the continued popularity of mobile devices, interactive systems and gaming, and ecommerce. Interactive Design majors work in a variety of companies with titles such as: 

    • User Experience Designer (UX)
    • User Interface Designer (UI)
    • Graphic Designer
    • Web Developer
    • Digital Interface Designer
    • Interactive Designer
    • Interaction Designer
Interactive design is a widely popular user-oriented field in the local Raleigh area and around the world that focuses on communicating digital media content through technology. This degree gives students experience and technical skills in several sought after areas of digital media such as user experience, interactive design, web design, graphic design, and interaction design. Students will be prepared to create interactive media for any company with a digital presence.
Brandon Crews
Assistant Professor
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