Finding Balance and Flexibility with the RN to BSN Program at WPU

July 14, 2020

Nursing has never been more important — William Peace University is preparing registered nurses to make a difference in their careers and the community with quality, accessible and affordable education. How can our Accelerated Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing (RN to BSN) enhance an established career? Just ask Nanette Merritt. 

Merritt has always enjoyed the medical field. She received her first CPR certification at age 16, eventually going on to work as a medical assistant at a family practice. When she realized that she was doing the same work as nurses for less pay, she decided it was time to go to nursing school. 

Merritt completed her associate’s degree in nursing from Johnston Community College and earned a full-time nursing position at Envision Science Academy in Wake Forest. Encouraged by the school to become nationally certified in school nursing, she started exploring Bachelor of Science Nursing programs. 

WPU’s School of Professional Studies stood out for several reasons. As a former UNC REX Healthcare employee, she was offered a discounted tuition rate to join the RN to BSN program. Tailored to working adults, the program honors existing credits granted from other institutions. With a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Meredith College, Merritt would receive credit for general education classes already completed. As a busy professional, this was especially appealing. 

“When [the admissions coordinator] said that I wouldn’t have to take anything but the nursing courses and I could be finished in four semesters, I was like ‘Okay, let’s go for it.’”

Another benefit? Merritt could take the majority of her courses online.  

“I have two kids and a husband, so being able to do it online and while I was working has been very helpful … It’s easier to further your education with the online opportunity.” 

More than a year into the program, Merritt has made meaningful connections. Whether it’s meeting up with her cohort members for coffee or getting tough questions answered by a dedicated team of faculty, there are countless ways that the remote learning experience leaves a lasting touch.  

Students in the program not only learn from faculty but from each other, sharing their experiences as working professionals from diverse nursing subfields and environments. 

“I’ve met people that I probably wouldn’t have met anywhere else … It’s good to be able to talk to your classmates and bounce ideas or hear what they do.” 

The program allowed Merritt to apply her previous knowledge in research and real-world experiences as a school nurse. Throughout her coursework, she has also picked up new skills such as essay writing and APA style. 

Building upon Merritt’s existing expertise and lifestyle, the RN to BSN program has prepared her to provide better patient care and make a difference in the field. On Aug. 6, 2020, she will graduate and start caring for a community in need. 

In Fall 2020, WPU launched the reduced tuition rates for our RN to BSN students, and we are continuing many of the same great features that set us apart: high-touch approach, one-to-one advising and coaching, face-to-face learning, and the flexibility of online and hybrid delivery methods. Learn more about the accelerated program and how to get started