10 Things You Can Do With a Marketing Degree

August 5, 2021

What’s in store for Marketing Majors?

The world of marketing offers a versatile landscape, with careers that will suit diverse interests and goals, offer great earning potential, and develop a set of skills that can transfer to almost any industry.

One expert put it best: “A marketing degree is a universal degree because every business needs help generating awareness, interest, and revenue.”

Because of this widespread need for marketing skills, as well as rapid changes to the ways we receive information and reach out to one another through technology and social media, marketing as a field is expected to grow, offering more and more job opportunities each year.

Getting a bachelor’s degree in Marketing can provide a career avenue for a lot of different types of people. Regardless of:

  • whether your job ambitions focus on earnings or on ideals
  • whether your goal is to work in the trenches as a sales representative or work your way up to being a marketing manager who manages teams of people and ideas
  • whether you prefer to work on your own with data, images, or words, or you prefer to be at the center of attention, presenting ideas and pitching to a full room of investors.

Every arena, from healthcare to investing to music, businesses local or global, entities for-profit or for a cause — they all need help finding their audience, communicating their aims, and growing their influence.

What jobs can you get with a marketing degree?

Marketing professions may focus on:

  • business and finance,
  • copywriting and social media,
  • analytics and data, or
  • public relations and fundraising.

The field has breadth and depth, so the following ten careers are only a sampling of what this industry has to offer.

1. Marketing Assistant

Seasoned marketing professionals often hire recent graduates as assistants to help write marketing communications, coordinate product or service promotions, or use social media to enhance their organization’s online presence. Assistant positions could become a gateway to more responsible marketer jobs.

According to Glassdoor, marketing assistants earn an average annual salary of $42,330. However, they can work their way up to being a marketing manager with potential for $135,900, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).

2. Sales Manager or Sales Representative

A main goal of marketing is to increase sales of products or services. Sales jobs always seem to be available, and they can provide an excellent foundation for careers in other marketing areas. Sales representatives need to learn to assess consumer preferences. They also hone verbal and presentation skills needed to make compelling sales pitches.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that sales representatives in the area of technical and science products earn an average annual salary of $99,680.

3. Public Relations Specialist

The area of public relations focuses on helping clients develop and maintain a certain reputation with the public.

A PR position may involve writing public announcements or press releases and engaging with the media to promote a client. Public speaking and event planning skills would be necessary for press conferences and other publicity events.

Per Glassdoor, public relations representatives earn an average annual salary of $50,118, with the potential to progress into a PR Manager earning $116,180.

4. Market Research Analyst or Data Scientist

Market research analysts create and implement consumer reaction assessments of new products and services, packaging, and advertising. Their role overlaps with data scientists, as both of these marketing professionals organize and interpret data using software and statistical tools.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, market research analysts earn a median annual salary of $73,970.

5. Social Media Manager or Digital Marketer

Social media managers plan and refine their organizations’ image on outlets like Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, and Instagram. They are tech-savvy but also must use creative writing skills.

Glassdoor reports an average annual salary of $53,175 for social media managers.

 6. Fundraiser

Those who raise money for non-profit organizations are basically marketing their organizations to the public. They use presentation and interpersonal skills to make pitches to groups of potential donors. They also organize and publicize fundraising events and may even need to get corporate sponsorships.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that fundraisers earn an average annual salary of $ 64,550, with fundraising managers earning up to 116,790.

7. Brand Manager

Brand managers oversee all aspects of marketing a product or service, such as marketing research, advertising, and product development. Highly developed analytical skills are necessary to evaluate consumer trends and research related to a product.

Glassdoor reports that marketing brand managers make an average annual salary of $100,751.

8. Media Planner

Media Planners study the viewing, reading, listening, and surfing patterns of various consumer groups. From their findings, they determine what media a company should use to draw consumers or attract users. Marketers in this field are often well organized, comfortable with quantitative thinking, and fascinated by the media.

Glassdoor reports that media planners make an average annual salary of $58,151.

 9. Copywriter

Copywriters in the area of marketing can prepare copy for everything from print to social media. They may also write brochures explaining a service and projecting an image or newsletters and annual reports explaining company performance and vision. As industries turn more to social media and blog writing, search engine optimization (SEO) has become a large part of the writer’s job as they learn to not only write for particular readers but also the technology that feeds those readers information.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics lists the median annual salary for writers as $47,230 to $63,280, depending on their industry.

10. Event Planner

Weddings, alumni gatherings and reunions, sport and esport competitions, professional conferences and trainings, and promotional events all require a planner who can foresee an audience’s needs and preferences. Knowing one’s audience is crucial, which may entail interpersonal skills, as well as spending time learning a particular industry. For instance, weddings can entail far different audiences and preparation than a gaming competition. Writing skills and social media expertise will come in handy if there’s a need to publicize events and draw a particular audience.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, event planners earn an average annual salary of $55,890.

How long will it take me to earn a marketing degree?

William Peace University’s Marketing program has two options for earning your credentials:

The traditional Bachelors includes a four-year plan, while the Accelerated degree can be earned in as little as 12 months. To find out more and see which is right for you, contact an admissions counselor today.