Class Day Awards; 2017-18 SGA Officers Announced

April 20, 2017
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 Outstanding Seniors
  • Hunter Allen
  • Cameron Ford
  • Jacob Ennis
  • Michael Marchetta
  • Alex Van Meir
Outstanding Juniors
  • Ryan Appleyard
  • Isaac Bates
  • Carson Williams
Outstanding Sophomores
  • Andrew Anderson
  • Tanner Brown
  • Payton Weller
Outstanding First-Years
  • Jalen Davis
  • Sarah Marshburn
  • Alex Young

Mr. Peace: Jarrett Bennett

Miss Peace: Micia Dove

Student Graduation Speaker: Josh Walker

Baccalaureate Readers: Hunter Allen, Mary Lynn Bain, Cameron Ford

2017-2018 SGA Executive Board and Class Council

Executive Board

  • SGA President: Ameera Khattab
  • SGA Vice-President: Ryan Echavarria
  • SGA Chief Financial Officer: Patrick Ralph
  • SGA Traditions Coordinator: Payton Weller
  • SGA Chief Administrative Officer: Nasjere Williams

Senior Class Officers

  • Lexus Shaw– President
  • Nick Buffaloe– Vice President
  • Lindsay Walker– Secretary/Treasurer

Junior Officers

  • Breanna Cary– President
  • Caleb Lethbridge– Vice President
  • Matt Comienski– Secretary/Treasurer

Sophomore Officers

  • Maiah Overton-Ashford– President
  • Audrey Moore– Vice President
  • Ely Murray– Secretary/Treasurer

**First-Year Class Council Officers and SGA Member at Large will be elected/selected in the Fall Semester of 2017 from the members of the Class of 2021