22 in 2022 Gift Enhances the Lovie Jones Fund for Studies Abroad

April 25, 2022

The Lovie Jones Fund for Study Abroad, originally established in 2006, received a recent gift that is part of the “22 Courageous Gifts in 2022” giving campaign – a campus-wide fundraising initiative at William Peace University (WPU). Donors, like Angela Caveness Weisskopf, support this initiative by making a courageous commitment that provides our students with the resources they need to learn through immersive experiences, build upon their courage and develop the confidence needed to turn their passion into purpose. These gifts will shape both the future of our University and our students. To learn more or to donate visit 22 in 2022.

Miss Lovie Jones was a pillar of Peace College. A music teacher from 1902 to 1952, she was a beloved teacher for more than 50 years. Jones devoted her life to music, travels, and her students.

While Angela Caveness Weisskopf had the chance to only meet “Miss Lovie” once, she made a mark on Weisskopf through her husband, William Fields Caveness. Miss Lovie was his dear aunt and had a tremendous influence on her nephew. Through this, Weisskopf witnessed the impact she had on him and the world around her. 

Miss Lovie instilled in others a love of music, culture and travel.

This kindred connection led Weisskopf to establish the Lovie Jones Fund for Study Abroad in her memory in 2006. The fund, originally geared toward providing travel support for students to participate in musical enrichment opportunities at WPU, was expanded in 2021 to focus on travel for study abroad (outside of the United States) related to immersive learning experiences.

“Studying abroad can be life changing experiences for the students,” said Adair Robertson, Coordinator of International Studies and Associate Professor of Mathematics. “Students are taught to examine their own culture and the new cultures they will be exploring. These experiences go way beyond a tourist trip. Studying abroad is the ultimate immersive experience!”

The Study Abroad program at WPU provides students with academic credit, along with cultural experience. This fund provides support for students to participate in the program. 

Miss Lovie was an avid traveler, Weisskopf recalled, she often spent her summers in France. Weisskopf wants the fund to give students the opportunity to travel like Miss Lovie. Traveling enables students to become well-rounded and confident. 

“Miss Lovie increased my own passion for travel,” Weisskopf said. “I think it is so important for young people to be exposed to travel and learn more about other cultures. It gives them independence and opens up the world to them and changes their lives.”

If you are interested in joining Weisskopf in courageously supporting students, please visit peace.edu/giving.