A Message from the President

May 31, 2020

Commitment to Community and Diversity, Inclusion and Respect

Campus Community,

There are no words to adequately address the current climate. The recent, horrific, senseless deaths of Ahmaud Arbery and George Floyd, now coupled with the disruption and destruction in the midst of peaceful protests, are awful and tragic reminders of the chasm that exists between what is, and what should be. As we all know, this should not be normal.

There are numerous members of our community who are deeply hurting right now. Frankly, I hope we all are. We all should be pained by racism. As you know, we have five core values here at William Peace University. Today, I am specifically referencing Commitment to Community and Diversity, Inclusion and Respect.

These two values can be most seen and experienced when we are in community – together at 15 E. Peace St. Unfortunately, we are prevented from being together right now, and that means that members of our community are feeling more isolated than ever – at the very moment when people should be feeling supported.

So, I am asking that we live out our values – right now. 

Demonstrate your commitment to community and support of diversity, inclusion and respect by reaching out and providing support and encouragement to the members of our community who are lonely, tired, overwhelmed, hurting, frustrated, angry, and I suspect, much more. We must care for one another and work together to fight racism.

We have a special community at William Peace University and we need to be that community now more than ever. We will be creating opportunities in the near future to have conversations and times to simply connect online.

Until then, let’s be courageous and caring together.

President Ralph