Pacers Make All Their Unique Creativity Come to Life

August 13, 2020

Peace alumna, Ana Teresa Galizes, has turned her passion for art into a career at William Peace University. Ana Teresa, also known by students as “AT,” graduated from Peace in 2011 with a communication degree and a minor in English. Galizes currently teaches art appreciation at WPU.

Art has always been a very important part of Galizes’ life. When she transferred to Peace from Wake Tech Community College, she was excited to take classes expanding her artistic talents in her major through photography and videography classes. “I love all things art”, Galizes said. “I stopped doing a lot of traditional and visual arts once I came to college because it was just so much pressure to perform well in school and I was learning very much in-depth about photography and videography,” she said.

During her senior year, she earned a graphic design certificate from Wake Tech. While she was in graduate school, she started her own photography business. “Once that was well established, that’s when I started doing more traditional visual arts again,” Galizes said.

Galizes has recently started teaching at Peace, where she has been excited to help reestablish a painting class that has not been offered to students for years. “Art is basically like therapy and people are able to step outside of themselves when they’re immersed in the process,” she said.

Students who are in the painting class handmade their very own sketchbooks at the beginning of the semester. Galizes loves these sketchbooks because she believes it’s a great way for students to practice mindfulness.

While she is teaching her classes, Galizes tries to treat all her students the way she was treated by her professors when she was a student at Peace. She brings that friendly and comfortable environment that she experienced as a student into the classes she teaches now. “That’s just the way Peace is,” she said. “It’s all about that nurturing caring environment, and I am trying to continue that.”

Galizes owes all her success with her photography business to the Communications Department at Peace. Everything she learned through taking communication classes has helped her accomplish these goals. “Without that program, I would not have a successful photography business,” she said. “It gets me a roof over my head and allows me to pay the bills.”

If people have dreams and goals of being an artist or another creative endeavor, Galizes has a passionate belief that they should not let the negative comments discourage them.

“I really want to be a positive voice for having creativity in your life,” she said. “Whether or not you’re making money from it.”

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