The Intern Effect: Angela Gamble Explores Her Voice

July 10, 2020

When Angela Gamble sees someone struggling, her first instinct is to help. 

I’ve wanted to be a formidable or influential presence in my community,” she says. 

For this reason, Gamble believes studying communication with a concentration in public relations at William Peace University (WPU) was her calling. She enjoys standing up for others, getting to know people and immersing herself in new cultures. Helping companies and organizations find their voice only makes sense.

Although Gamble juggled a busy schedule, a large course load and multiple extracurriculars during her senior year of college, she knew it was important to apply her learning off-campus. Leveraging her professional network, she secured two marketing internships at Longevity Consulting in Washington D.C. and Cyber Synergy Consulting Group in Raleigh. Julie Cline, assistant director of the Career Design Center, advised her throughout the hiring process. 

Gamble is a perfectionist, sometimes finding it hard to stop working. Her internships taught her to recognize when it is okay to lean on others. 

“I learned that it’s good to get help from your team — it doesn’t mean that you’ve failed … Having a strong leader [to encourage you] helps,” she says. 

Working with real-world clients taught Gamble to better understand their needs and what she can do to support them, which soon came to feel like second nature. This is the value of immersive learning

“You need to practice what you learn,” she says. As a recent graduate looking for a full-time position, Gamble’s experiences make her a better and stronger job candidate, prepared to provide employers with fresh talent, creativity and innovation. Gamble encourages those in search of an internship to keep applying for roles and pushing past your comfort zone. Simply introducing yourself in an email or getting in touch with former colleagues can make a difference. 

For now, Gamble will keep practicing her craft. A talented writer, she blogs and journals to sharpen her skills. With meaningful internship experiences, a vast professional network and the WPU community behind her, Gamble looks forward to a meaningful career in problem-solving public relations.