Apply to WPU for Free During Free Application Week

October 11, 2021

Free Application Week is coming up Oct. 18-22. During one week each year about this time, WPU and many other North Carolina universities and colleges waive their application fees. 

Most students apply to several universities. However, with application fees and fees to submit test scores, the cost can really add up. That’s why William Peace University and many others participate in Free Application Week. This gives students a chance to explore more schools and help them find the college that’s the perfect fit.

Free app week is also a valuable prompt for seniors who haven’t begun their college search process. While WPU has a rolling admissions process, many schools have strict application deadlines in the fall. Even though a student may not make their final decision until the spring, it’s wise to get the application process started so then they aren’t racing to get things done at the last minute. FAFSA opens its application process on October 1, making October the perfect month to begin the college process.

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How to Prepare for Free App Week
Applying to colleges and universities takes time. Seniors can prepare for Free App Week by gathering their materials for each school in advance. WPU admissions counselors recommend you start by making a list of schools to which you plan to apply. Then, list the items needed for each school. Most universities require the same types of information, such as the application itself and high school transcripts. 

WPU has simplified the application process to be more holistic and inclusive of student strengths and accomplishments. Students have the choice to submit SAT/ACT scores or showcase their individual strengths in other ways.

Application Deadlines
William Peace has rolling application deadlines, meaning you can apply anytime and may be considered for the next semester.. However applying early ensures that your information is with us in time — and makes the second half of your senior year far less stressful. 

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