Bachelor’s + MBA: What to Know about WPU’s Partnership with Meredith 

November 15, 2021

WPU has a new way to get an MBA — and it’s not just for business majors. 

Through a new partnership, you can get a WPU bachelor’s degree and an MBA from Meredith College in just five years. The way it works: During a student’s senior year at WPU, he/she will take up to six credit hours at Meredith College. Those credits will count for both degrees.

What’s fantastic about this program is that it’s customizable and a great way to jump-start your graduate career, said Kasha Klinegores, Director of Academic and Career Advising. 

While many MBA students start with a business major at William Peace University, you don’t have to major in business as an undergraduate to pursue the MBA. 

“We’ll work with you individually to create a plan that works for you,” said Klinegores. “Whether you’re working on a B.A. in history or sport and fitness studies, we can help you find a path to the MBA if that’s your goal.”

One caveat: The MBA requires four pre-requisite courses. Those courses are already part of the curriculum for business or related majors. Students in other majors may need to take a few extra classes, Klinegores said, but it’s still workable and a great way to use general electives already required for your undergraduate degree

Students who are interested in participating should reach out to the Office of Academic and Career Advising as soon as possible — even if it’s only your first or second year at WPU. Klinegores said that will help the advising team put students on an efficient path to the 4+1. 

“However, students are encouraged to reach out about the program at any time,” she said. “This program is 100 percent customized for each student.”