Devon Umstead Brewer ’00: “My passion is WPU”

December 6, 2021

Devon Umstead Brewer ‘00, Local Sales Manager at Spectrum Reach, supports William Peace University (WPU) currently as a Foundation Board member. Previously on the University Alumni Board, she helped host numerous events to celebrate the uniqueness of the Peace experience, to support and engage with current students and alumni, and to build personal and lasting ties between alumni, the University, and the community.

I cannot put into words how much my William Peace experience means to me. It was life-changing,” said Devon Umstead Brewer ‘00, as she recounts her time at what was then called Peace College.

Brewer’s mom had suggested an impromptu visit; Brewer’s Godmother, cousin and aunt had all attended the school. However, when Brewer visited, she wasn’t planning to attend William Peace University — she had already had plans to go to another school. 

Visiting the campus changed her plans completely. She remembers she had the feeling that she was supposed to go there.

“Everyone I met on campus was so kind and welcoming. I just fell in love,” Brewer said. “Everywhere I turned there were people ready and willing to help me grow both as a student and a person. Now my passion is Peace. How can I not give back to a school that gave so abundantly to me?”

“I want students to have the same feeling I did while attending [William] Peace. I want them to meet friends, professors, mentors that will pave the way for them and encourage them to be their best. I want them to experience all that I did to give them the confidence and courage they need to make a difference when they graduate.”

Life-Long Relationships 

Brewer explained the decision to attend William Peace taught her about herself and her passions. It gave her the opportunity to explore her independence, talents, and curiosity.

“I learned so much about myself in those four short years. The experience has literally helped me through every phase of my life,” she said.

While Brewer learned these life skills through her extracurriculars, like being on the tennis team and in the Student Government Association, she also learned from her relationships. 

“William Peace’s small student-to-teacher ratio created a space where I could have long-lasting relationships with all of my professors, which in turn instilled confidence in me that I was smart and could be successful in whatever career I chose to pursue,” she said. 

Brewer, who studied communications, was able to find her career passion because of those relationships. A staff member in the Career Service Center encouraged Brewer to attend a job fair for a local television station, which eventually led to Brewer discovering what she wanted to do.

Living Courageously

For Brewer, courageous confidence means many things. It means knowing who you are and how you can make a difference. It means pushing through a situation when you don’t have the answer. It means trying new things and building others up. 

And going to college takes this type of courageous confidence. “You have to find confidence in yourself alone and you have to start forming your own support system away from home, and that takes courage and confidence,” she said. 

Recently, Brewer needed courageous confidence in her job. She was promoted to her current position, a Local Sales Manager at Spectrum Reach, at the start of the pandemic. She explained she needed both courage and confidence to navigate a new position during a challenging time. 

 Outside of Spectrum, Brewer spends time with her husband and two children. In her free time, she enjoys playing tennis and basketball with her children, creating art with them, and having Friday family movie nights.