Earn Your Law Degree Fast Through William Peace University and Campbell Law School

June 24, 2021

Are you an undergraduate or high school student looking for a fast track law degree program that includes your bachelor’s degree? Are you a working adult who has always wanted to be an attorney, but life, so far, has always gotten in the way? William Peace University and Campbell Law School have partnered together to offer a unique opportunity to students looking for an affordable, accelerated law degree program: a BA in Pre-Law, Criminal Justice, or Political Science and a juris doctor (JD) from Campbell in just a six-year program.

3+3 Law Degree

This 3+3 accelerated dual degree program is a full-time legal education program that takes an entire year off the common JD degree-earning time frame, saving students money in addition to time. Once enrolled in the 3+3 program, students pursue coursework in general education, electives, and their major at William Peace University for the first three years of their education. During their fourth year — their senior year — at WPU, students not only complete their BA, but they also earn law school admission and complete their first year at a college of law — Campbell Law School.

Why Become a Lawyer?

If you’re looking for a stable career that offers a fantastic salary, you can’t do much better than going into the legal profession and becoming a lawyer. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median income for attorneys working for themselves, the state, or law firms is almost $127,000 a year. There’s also a wide range of law specializations and career paths for students to go into. Lawyers can easily dovetail interests or passions — like immigration reform, criminal law, constitutional law, patent and copyright protections, etc. — into lucrative careers that don’t necessarily take place inside a courtroom. Jobs for lawyers are also projected to continue growing at a steady 4% each year along with the rest of the economy.

The WPU and Campbell Law School Difference

In addition to the money and time saved with William Peace University and Campbell Law School’s accelerated law program, students will also enjoy the individual attention and specialized instruction both programs offer. Because all JD graduates must still pass an exam from the American Bar Association (ABA) in order to become a practicing attorney legally allowed and qualified to practice law, law students need to study with an accredited program that will prepare them for the rigors of the bar exam. A BA and JD through WPU and Campbell will do just that.

Give yourself the advantage you need to become a lawyer and pass the bar examination today with an accelerated JD program from WPU and Campbell Law School. Find out more information, including financial aid information for prospective students, and apply today.