Entry-Level Psychology Jobs

August 11, 2023
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The skills you learn as a psychology major can be applied to many jobs in the real world. You could be interested in therapy, research, or obtaining your degree for law school. As a psychology major, you have the skills to succeed in many different jobs. Some common entry-level positions for psychology majors are as follows:

Behavioral Therapist: You will work with clients who are struggling emotionally to create and maintain relationships. Clients can range from individuals to couples and families. You will utilize the skills learned in your psychology program to encourage clients to change their behaviors, track their progress and ultimately improve their lives. 

Social Worker: As a social worker, you are in touch with communities and are there to provide support to whomever is in need. As a social worker, your job is to provide solutions to social, economical, behavioral and health problems your clients face. Sometimes, you may be counseling your client yourself, other times you are providing connections for your clients to receive help from other professionals. You are an advocate for your clients. 

Probation/Parole Officer: Officers work with individuals in the justice system who are found guilty of committing a crime and in lieu of going to jail are placed on probation or parole. They are assigned an officer to track their progress, and make sure they are staying out of trouble. As a probation/parole officer, it is crucial to understand the psychology of your client, so you can help correct their poor behavior, and help guide them to make better decisions in the future. You are responsible for tracking their progress and reporting back to the courts. 

Research Analyst: In this entry level position, you will utilize the research skills obtained in your psychology courses. In this position, you will be responsible for analyzing and interpreting the data collected from research. You will look for trends in data, analyze behaviors of participants and present findings to the team of researchers.

These are just a few options available to you after completing your bachelor’s in psychology. Whether you are interested in therapy, social work, or something else, there is a job for you! WPU’s career services are available to alumni and can help you find the entry-level position you’re looking for. 

To learn more about psychology degrees at WPU, click here. WPU Career Services is also here to help, click here for more information.