Find Your Place at WPU With Student Organizations

March 7, 2023
Campus Image

From cosplay clubs to committees and athletics, students can find their place on campus with student-run organizations at William Peace University (WPU). Student involvement is deep-rooted across campus through student organizations. There are currently 12 active student organizations, with seven pending activation. 

The pandemic negatively impacted the number of clubs across campus. However, Kristin Koch, director of Student Involvement, says that more than ever, “Students are really wanting to start their [own] clubs.” 

Koch’s department made starting a club easier after the pandemic. There has been increased attention to student organizations, with campus interest being shown to create new and various clubs. Student Involvement works directly with students to help them start their clubs and encourages them throughout the process. 

“Being in a club has greatly impacted my life because it gives me more things to do while also learning something new and gives me more people to socialize with,” said Zyon Ross, a senior in musical theatre. 

Currently, Koch is working with students who meet to play Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) – they are not an official club, but with Student Involvement’s aid, the students are on their way to creating an official D&D club which will help them gain new members. 

Koch is passionate about growing student organizations because, “It’s important for students to have ownership over something on campus. [Clubs are] where they get to be creative and create whatever is relevant to students right now. It’s also where people can find their people. So much of your success in college is finding a sense of community, so having these subgroups in our population for people to gather and bond over is important.”

The most popular clubs on campus currently include Black Student Union, Peace Ministry, and 15 Below Theatre Club. These clubs are all very active and have been on campus for multiple years. 

If students want to explore more existing student organizations, the internal site PacerEngage has all the information on current clubs at WPU. There, students can find the club’s meeting times and officer information. There is also an app ( where students can search for William Peace University and learn more about clubs and events on campus.

Students who want to join a club can contact Koch or the Office of Student Involvement. To become a club, students must find a president, a treasurer, at least one member, and a faculty advisor. Student Involvement can help new clubs find advisors if need be.