Internship Showcase Celebrates Students’ Work

November 21, 2022

Argentina Alvarez-Molina learned the value of teamwork at her internship this semester. She interned at the US attorney’s office of Eastern North Carolina. 

“What I most enjoyed about my time there was working with an amazing team who taught me the value of teamwork, and that allowed me to attend conferences and Attorney swearing-in ceremonies,” said Alvarez-Molina. 

Alvarez-Molina was one of dozens of students who presented their internships at the annual Showcase on Nov. 16. Students provided presentations and answered questions from visiting faculty and students. 

The entire WPU community is invited to attend the bi-annual Showcase, during which students create slideshows to share what they learned during their internships. Visitors spoke with majors from English, political science, simulation and game design, and more. 

Working an internship is a graduation requirement for every program at WPU. The university believes the skills students learn in their internships prepare them to enter the professional world after graduation, said Pamela Adkins, assistant director of Academic and Career Advising.

WPU President Brian Ralph asks a student questions during the bi-annual Showcase event.

“Of course, our students learn a lot as they work toward their bachelor’s degrees,” Adkins said. “But we know the value of learning by doing and experiencing what it’s like to be in a work environment. Many of our students find they love it, which inspires them, or they learn they didn’t like the work, which can guide them in future career decisions.” 

First- and second-year students who attend learn what internships are available in the area. The event provides time for students to ask questions and become more comfortable with the internship program. 

Alvarez-Molina, an interdisciplinary studies major, worked in the Civil Division, helping to organize the file room, create trial notebooks, sort mail and make outbound calls. One of the biggest takeaways from her internship was learning the value of teamwork. She said she was proud to have her supervisor attend the Showcase. 

“My favorite thing about the Showcase would have to be sharing my experience,” she said. “It was a great way to show the hard work to the students at WPU, my advisor, and even the people at my internship.”