Lynn Kendrick Erdman ’75 Nursing Scholarship supports Barbi Cox’s dream for a BSN

October 27, 2021

Note: This post appears as an article in the Annual Impact Report mailed to alumni and friends.

Through scholarships like the Lynn Kendrick Erdman ’75 Nursing Scholarship, students like Barbi Cox ’21 are able to achieve their dreams. They give students opportunities to engage and connect with their education,  with help that eases the financial cost of obtaining a degree. Donations to student scholarships directly benefit and make a substantial difference in the lives of students like Cox. 

An Asheboro native, Barbi Cox ‘21 decided to attend WPU after she saw a presentation of the Bachelor of Science in Nursing program at WakeMed by WPU faculty. The faculty there were so welcoming and kind there, that she was drawn to the school. 

Cox had dreams of returning to school and earning a nursing degree and this program gave her the opportunity to achieve this. Now, Cox will complete her dreams and earn her BSN degree in Fall 2021.

“Having this degree will open more opportunities, Cox said. “Now, when I see a job that interests me and it requires a BSN the door is no longer closed.”

Barbi Cox, left, and Lynn Erdman, right

The RN to BSN program, established in 2019, was created as a component of WPU’s ongoing efforts to create community partnerships and integrate cross-curriculum Immersive Learning opportunities. By launching the RN to BSN program last year, WPU became the only Triangle University to offer such vital programming.

It took courage for Cox to return to school for the program. Cox has had to balance classes while working as a Systems Analyst at WakeMed Health and Hospital. Despite a busy schedule, she has made the Dean’s List and been on the RN to BSN Advisory Board.

The support of WPU faculty and scholarships have contributed to her success.

One of her favorite professors, Kobie Leiper, Ph.D., RN, CNE, former RN to BSN Program Director, has been influential on Cox. Leiper was always very approachable and welcoming. Additionally, Leiper encouraged Cox to apply to the Lynn Kendrick Erdman `75 Nursing Scholarship in 2019

The Lynn Kendrick Erdman ’75 Nursing Scholarship, established in 2019, assists students in the nursing program. Erdman, an alumna of WPU and current member of the Board of Trustees, said she is proud her scholarship can aid such a vital community program.

​​ “In the Nursing field it’s basically a necessity to have your Bachelors’s Degree, and it’s wonderful that WPU is answering such a vital need in our community,” Erdman said. 

This scholarship has helped ease the financial cost of classes for Cox. She said it has offset the cost of obtaining her degree and enabled her to focus on classes.

“When you are awarded the scholarship it means someone believes in you and that you can accomplish your goals,” Cox said. “I want to thank donors like Lynn Erdman who use their money to set up a scholarship to help someone. What they are doing is so honorable and unselfish.”