Meet Merica Ivey, Admissions Recruiter

April 24, 2020

I enjoy helping students experience all of the great things at WPU.”

Merica brings a high level of enthusiasm wherever she goes—especially when it comes to her alma mater, WPU. While attending WPU, Merica was a volleyball player and relished her time as a student. Now, Merica works for WPU as an Admissions Recruiter and was previously the Assistant Women’s volleyball coach.

    • Hometown: I’ve lived all over the world, but call Jacksonville, NC, home.
    • Education: I graduated from WPU in May 2016 with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and will receive my M.Ed in May 2020.
    • What do you love/enjoy about being an admissions counselor at WPU? As an alum, I enjoy helping students experience all of the great things I had the chance to experience during my four years at WPU.
    • What is the best part of your role/job? The on-campus events! We have SO much fun with them, and the events provide opportunities to meet a bunch of students and their families in one setting.
    • Outside of work: I love to play volleyball, cuddle with my three-month-old, and hang out with my family.
    • Something fun or interesting about you: As a military dependent, I have lived all over the United States and had the awesome experience of living in Okinawa, Japan, for three years.
    • Favorite quote: “Faith it until you make it.”
    • Favorite movie: My favorite movie is “Drumline.”
    • Favorite vacation destination: Anywhere with a beach!
    • What is your favorite location on WPU campus? Why? The fountain! It’s beautiful in every season and holds so many memories and traditions.
    • Advice to live by: “Never let anyone stop you from being the best you can be.” ~ My mom

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