Navigating the Peace Pathway: A Seamless Transfer Journey for Wake Tech Students to William Peace University

December 7, 2023
WPU and Wake Tech Mascots.

Students from Wake Tech Community College can easily transfer to William Peace University — a transition made even easier thanks to a new deal announced Thursday. 

The Peace Pathway is a new agreement between Wake Tech and WPU, a set of 15 new and revised articulation agreements that create a smooth transition for those seeking a bachelor’s degree. 

Wake Tech and WPU mascots with both school presidents.

The Peace Pathway helps students who earn Wake Tech’s Associate in Applied Science (AAS) degree in a range of programs, including Business Administration, Criminal Justice, Simulation and Game Development, Web & UX Design, Health and Fitness Science, and Paralegal Technology, among others. 

The clear pathway means some Wake Tech graduates can complete their bachelor’s degrees in less than two years, saving both time and money.

“We’re making WPU the area’s most transfer-friendly university,” said WPU President Brian Ralph. “This innovative collaboration is set to redefine the transfer experience for Wake Tech graduates, offering a direct route to earning their bachelor’s degrees faster and more affordably.” 


  • WPU also extends scholarships specifically for Wake Tech students, making the university an affordable option with potential total costs falling below $12,000 annually after Federal and State financial aid.
  • WPU welcomes up to 90 transfer credits from any community college, significantly reducing the time needed to complete a bachelor’s degree (120 credits). 

Scott Ralls, President of Wake Tech, expressed his enthusiasm for the strengthened partnership with WPU. Ralls highlighted the universal transferability of all Wake Tech degrees, ensuring graduates can continually climb the career ladder with enhanced knowledge and skills.

The two presidents signed the articulation agreements in a ceremony Thursday at WPU. 

Learn more about The Peace Pathway.