Not Just a Number: Biology Major Isaiah Davis on Why WPU

September 22, 2020

Isaiah Davis knows the secret behind a successful stint at William Peace University: fully immersing yourself into WPU’s close-knit community.

The Biology major from Raleigh still group chats with his first year orientation cohort while leading orientation for incoming students. He works one-on-one with his professors and keeps up with the basketball coach despite no longer playing. And he tutors other students at the Tutoring Center in order to improve the grades of the entire department.

“I chose WPU due to it’s small-knit, family-oriented campus,” Isaiah said. “I’ve been able to have a really great connection with my advisor, Dr. Patrick Myer, who’s awesome, and I’m able to speak to my teachers and they know me on a first name basis.”

“I feel like my needs are met here more than my friends who go to other larger universities.”

Isaiah said the different opportunities and events make it an even better experience overall.

“Being a small campus, we utilize our resources well,” Isaiah said. “There are so many options, events and activities; and being in downtown Raleigh is just perfect.”

But of course it hasn’t been without its struggles. Isaiah said there have been many rough days and nights of studying for his degree.

“I’ve had some nights taking shifts of naps and studying,” he said. “It does get hectic but it will definitely pay off in the long run.”

He chose to study Biology specifically due to a familial admiration of the sciences and an uncle who’s a dentist. His interest grew from it being passed down to him through life.

When he graduates in December 2021, he plans to attend medical school and focus on radiology. His dream is to work with children, especially those who are chronically sick or have broken bones.

“The end goal is to work in pediatrics, whether that is in radiology or not,” Isaiah said. “Ultimately my biggest thing is being in the medical field and being able to just help people that need it.

“That’s what I find my success in. Whatever it is, I just get joy out of it.”