Not Just a Number: Business Analytics Major Cagney O’Brien on Why WPU

September 16, 2020

After two years attending community college, Cagney O’Brien wanted something bigger and better. She found it at William Peace University.

The senior Business Analytics major from Boothbay Harbor, Maine, transferred to WPU last year and has loved it ever since.

“Coming to WPU is the best decision I’ve ever made,” she said. “It may be a small campus but you’re still getting a great degree and learning with students that are close to you and faculty that are close to you.

“It’s not just sitting in a big lecture hall. You can work one-on-one with professors, you can work with small groups of students. One of my classes this semester has seven kids and I like that because you can get to know everyone and it’s a lot easier to work together.”

Cagney also said the location in downtown Raleigh has been a big draw for her, giving she and her friends endless possibilities for activities.

“My hometown Boothbay is a summer tourist town, so being in a big city where there’s stuff to do year round is different for me,” she said. “There’s never a dull moment.”

WPU’s Business Analytics major, which recently ranked in the top 25 best Bachelor’s programs nationally, was another draw for Cagney. She knew she wanted some kind of degree in business, but wasn’t sure exactly what kind of concentration to pursue.

“The Business Analytics degree combined some of my favorite things,” she said. “When I learned about it – about how it uses data and analytics to help companies make better decisions – it really spoke to me and made me want to choose that.”

After graduation next May, she hopes to work in the healthcare field in order to use data and business analytics to improve hospital systems.

“Both my grandfathers have passed away from cancer, and ever since then it’s always been a passion of mine to work to improve hospitals’ success rates and try to make a difference,” she said. “Where I’m from, in order to get to a good hospital you have to go outside of Maine, so I really want to help improve the Maine healthcare system in some way.”

As far as her advice for other transfer students coming in, she said don’t hesitate.

“WPU always sets up opportunities for you to go out and meet new people. It just allows you to open up as a person and to express yourself no matter what.”