Not Just a Number: Exercise and Sport Science Major Bill Ryan on Why WPU

September 30, 2020

Bill Ryan lives by a simple mantra: do what you enjoy what you are passionate about, and you’ll figure the rest out along the way.

It was the adoption of this adage that led Bill to William Peace University and to the Exercise and Sport Science major.

It motivated him to transfer from UNC-Charlotte to experience a more tight-knit community.

“I was tired of being just another number in the system,” he said. “I wanted more interpersonal relationships with my professors and to be able to see my classmates on a consistent basis, so it was a no-brainer move for me.”

As far as his area of study goes, he calls it his greatest passion, though some may call it an obsession.

“I love everything about nutrition and fitness,” Bill said, adding that he already has a small business that coaches clients to help them implement healthier routines into their lives through diets and workouts. “Learning the science behind exercise and nutrition has been so educational, and so helpful, and it has increased my passion for it.

“The more I learn, the more I feel like I need to learn more.”

Even when the courses in the Exercise and Sport Science department become daunting, he said he’s enjoyed them, highlighting the one-on-one help he’s received from both Dr. Bonner and Dr. Myer as invaluable. “They are amazing faculty members who have been so influential and supportive of me.”

His passion doesn’t stop there. After taking part in Pathways and the Peer Mentor program, he decided to become a mentor himself.

“I became a Peer Mentor because I wanted to give back to the community something that was so freely given to me.” Bill said. “Something as small as an outreaching hand and someone you can go to with any issues is so important, so I wanted to be able to give that back to WPU.”

“I became a Peer Mentor because I wanted to give back to the community something that was so freely given to me.”

As far as after graduation next year, Bill wants to continue building on his small business to help even more people.

“I’d love for my small business to blow up,” he said. “It would be absolutely amazing to be able to help a large amount of people lose weight and get off this track where they may be heading toward health-related diseases to instead change their lives for the better.”

“I want to give as many people as possible the tools they can use throughout their lives so they can live a more successful, healthy and fulfilling life.”