#OurRaleigh Named Top Tech Hub for Millennials by Forbes

November 17, 2017

The tech industry has been booming in the Raleigh area for years now, as evidenced in this 2015 video

…Yet another accolade for the City of Oaks. Recently, Forbes cited #OurRaleigh as a top tech city for Millennials.

In the article called “Millennials Prefer These 5 Tech Hubs To Silicon Valley”, Raleigh is praised for its continued job growth in the technology sector, innovation, and startup culture. The article also names Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, and Austin as other tech markets preferred by Millennials.

According to Forbes, tech jobs in Raleigh have grown 38.5% from 2010-2015, and “The sector is growing almost as quickly as it is in Silicon Valley.”

“There are many exceptional opportunities provided to our students by being literally in the center of this technology-rich city. This serves as a distinct advantage in preparing our students for careers of tomorrow.”

Roger Christman, Department Chair of Art, Communication, and Simulation and Game Design

“Majors, such as Simulation & Game Design, Communication and Business Analytics, benefit greatly from the partnerships the University has with dozens of Raleigh’s cutting edge companies,” said Roger Christman, Department Chair of Art, Communication, and SGD. “Being located in such a high-tech environment, allows our graduates to contribute to the rapidly growing needs of our community.”

Earlier in 2017, Raleigh was named the No. 3 “Best City for Job Seekers” by Indeed, the international career-search site that’s home to millions of job postings across the world. Raleigh finished just behind Orlando and Miami, FL, respectively, in the overall rankings, but ranked the highest for “job favorability” – receiving a perfect score of 100% in the category.

Raleigh is no stranger to these types of lists, and it’s no secret the city is booming. It’s been projected to grow exponentially over the next decade, even being named one of the fastest growing metro areas in the nation by the U.S. Census Bureau.

“I love going to school in downtown Raleigh. Not only is there always something to do when I’m not in class, I know the job market is strong here for when I graduate,” said Lindsay Perry ’18, Communication major. “I feel like I don’t need to look for a job elsewhere because everything I want and need is already here.”

You can read the full Forbes article here. For more Raleigh related news from William Peace University, search #OurRaleigh on social media.

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