Pacer Profile: Matt Hodge, M.F.A.

December 14, 2023
Matt Hodge Headshot

WPU professor Matt Hodge has worked with Grammy, Tony, and Emmy award winners. But what he loves most is working with students. 

Hodge, a distinguished faculty member at William Peace University (WPU), has journeyed through the world of fine arts. Originally from Louisville, Kentucky, Hodge brings creativity, experience, and a personal touch to his role as an educator at WPU.

Hodge earned his Master’s in Fine Arts from Vermont College, and his artistic journey has taken him to collaborate with artists across the country. From theatre to television and films, he has left his mark on various creative projects, working with clients in all 50 states and over 30 countries.

Matt Hodge

“I’ve been beyond blessed that my career has led me to work with phenomenal people in my fields. From incredible winners and nominees of Grammy, Tony, Emmy, Golden Globe, and Academy awards, to immensely hard-working artists who don’t receive much limelight or recognition, I have been continually inspired by passionate people whom I’ve been so fortunate to meet and collaborate alongside.” 

Hodge goes on to say, “…What they’ve all had in common is integrity and passion for the work. A philosophy that I try to pass down to my students — don’t chase awards or fame or riches, chase your passion. When you do, you’ll always be going in the right direction.”

While Hodge continues to contribute to projects, he loves teaching, which is why he remains at WPU. Here, he loves the close-knit atmosphere. The smaller class sizes offered at WPU allow him to truly get to know his students.

Matt Hodge in class with students.

For Hodge, teaching is more than just sharing information. 

“It’s about building relationships and gaining the trust of my students,” he said. 

Hodge realized the transformative power of education when he was in college, influenced by several teachers who left a mark on his own life during this crucial time.

Hodge taught at Campbellsville University for four years before joining WPU, where he has cultivated a reputation as a dedicated and inspiring educator.

Matt Hodge Headshot

Hodge appreciates the intimate setting of WPU, which he values because it provides a more personalized experience. He believes in the importance of faculty members being active professionals in their fields, and he sees this as a way to keep education relevant and practical. Hodge is dedicated to helping students understand their place in today’s world, making their education meaningful and applicable.

Beyond the classroom, Hodge is a versatile artist. He has worked on various creative projects, that include composing for various film and TV shows seen on Netflix, Hulu, Fox, and more, along with writing best-selling works of non-fiction showcasing his expertise and earning recognition. 

In the world of academia, Matt Hodge is a testament to the power of passion and dedication. His impact goes beyond textbooks and lectures, reaching into the lives of students, and helping them discover their own creative paths. His multifaceted career exemplifies the possibilities that unfold when passion meets dedication, and his impact resonates not only through his compositions but also through the lives of the aspiring artists he guides.

To learn more about Matt Hodge visit his website.