#PeopleOfPeace: Liz Webb Featured in Local Theatre Production, “Sweet Tea and Baby Dreams”

August 3, 2017
WPU employee Liz Webb stars in local production.

Liz Webb, Assistant Director of Admissions Operations and Technology

You might ask yourself, “How does an admissions person get into local theatre?” Liz Webb, like many of our #PeopleOfPeace, is more than just her job. Don’t get us wrong. She loves data, crunching the admissions numbers and running reports on almost a secondly basis (literally) – it’s what drives her. But, she also has another driving force in her life outside of work. That life – at least a majority of it – is the performing arts.

To understand Liz, you’d have to first know she majored in theatre at a small college in Sherman, Texas – Austin College. It’s there that she discovered not only her love for higher education, specifically admissions where she served as a student ambassador, but theatre too.

“Being at a small school allowed me the opportunity to be involved in many different things. I loved volunteering with the Admissions Office, and my favorite part of being an Ambassador was giving tours,” Webb said. “I hadn’t planned on majoring in theatre, and I wouldn’t change any of that. Participating in theatre gave me incredible friendships, experiences, and life skills that have helped shape me into who I am today.”

“Participating in theatre gave me incredible friendships, experiences, and life skills that have helped shape me into who I am today.”

Liz has come far across the country to get to WPU. She was born and raised in Kansas and grew up a die-hard KU basketball fan, naturally. Now she finds herself on Tobacco Road, where two other blue blood programs dominate most of the headlines.

Her parents still reside just outside of Kansas City and don’t often get to the east coast to see their daughter’s performances. It’s something Liz understands, but wishes could happen on a more regular basis. She often finds support through another member of the Webb family, though – her brother Aaron, who lives here in Raleigh as well.

“My parents came to every one of my shows up until two years ago when it became too much with finances and my mom missing work,” Liz said. “That first show they missed was difficult stepping on stage knowing they wouldn’t be there. Aaron has been very supportive, though, making sure I have food during tech week, coming to see shows for my parents, and even making sure I am up for work in the morning after a late night rehearsal! Having him here makes it easier.”

Liz has been featured in several local theatre productions in the past. Whether it be through North Raleigh Arts and Creative Theatre, Tiny Engine, or Cary Players, she’s no stranger to the stage.

sweet tea 300x111 - #PeopleOfPeace: Liz Webb Featured in Local Theatre Production, "Sweet Tea and Baby Dreams"This latest performance will put her in the spotlight in Sweet Tea and Baby Dreams, a performance that gives us a comedic bird’s eye view of the power dynamics and culture clashes at a seemingly sweet baby shower. Liz will play Avery, who is one of the “terrible twins”, and sister of dad-to-be, Jack.

“A major challenge for any role is making it as real as possible, but with Avery, I think my biggest challenge is to not over do it,” Liz said, chuckling. “This play is so much fun, and Avery is such a laid-back, silly character, I have to try to keep myself from being too over-the-top with her.”

You can catch Liz and two WPU alumni, Tyler Graeper and Hannah Marks, in Sweet Tea and Baby Dreams from Wednesday, August 3 through Sunday, August 13 at Meredith College. Show times vary depending on the night. Tickets are $5 for non-Meredith students and $10 for general admission.

For more details on the show, including times and ticket registration, click here.

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