Phantom Talks Philanthropy: A Student’s Guide to WPU’s Day of Giving

April 5, 2022

Hi all! This is your favorite mascot Phantom writing from William Peace University (WPU). I’m here to tell you that WPU’s Day of Giving is coming up April 21! 

Our goal this year is to raise $100,000 with 300 donors! Gifts made on WPU’s Day of Giving support your student experience and help you turn your passion into purpose. 

Why does philanthropy matter?

In a nutshell, philanthropy provides opportunities. Last year, more than $2 million in scholarships and financial aid came from donors and went to students just like you! Take Barbi Cox, for example, who is achieving her dream of a Bachelor of Science in Nursing through the Lynn Kendrick Erdman ‘75 Nursing Scholarship.

How much of WPU is donor-supported?

The University has an endowment worth over $55 million dollars! The endowment is a collection of funds and assets invested to provide permanent lasting support. Our endowment is primarily funded through charitable contributions and annually provides $3 million to support WPU and students’ needs in classrooms and beyond. 

In 2020-21, alumni and donors supported four main areas:

  • The Loyalty Fund: The Loyalty Fund focuses on providing educational resources. During  2020-21, this meant equipping classrooms for a pandemic — everything from clear touch panels to wireless microphones were needed to maintain in-person learning! 
  • Scholarships: One of the biggest areas that donors support is scholarships! Whether the scholarship is for juniors or seniors with financial difficulties keeping them from graduation or students who want to travel abroad, scholarships provide students with opportunities.
  • Believe in Peace Strategic Plan: These funds support strategic initiatives in immersive learning, innovative partnerships, creating strategic growth, and enhancing our distinctive identity. This includes projects like the new Esports and Gaming Lab!  
  • Campus Improvements: New and improved areas on campus like second Belk, the courtyard on Main, and the collaboratory are all possible thanks to donations.  

How do gifts impact WPU?

Gifts support scholarships, immersive learning experiences, study abroad experiences, educational technology, campus maintenance, and much, much more!

Here are a few ways that recent donations support your student experience: 

  • WPU’s Pacer Pantry: The Pacer Pantry provides non-perishable foods and personal care items for students at no charge. With donor funds, the Pantry is able to anonymously provide products to an average of five students a week. 
  • Diversity Educators Engaging Peace (DEEP) Program: Last fall, First Horizon Bank made a $12,000 donation to support the Diversity Educators Engaging Peace (DEEP) program to provide professional development opportunities for students to expand their understanding of diversity, equity and inclusion issues.
  • Study Abroad: Studying abroad gives students the chance to grow their confidence while becoming more well-rounded. Angela Caveness Weisskopf courageously provided $25,000 to ensure students have the ability to travel through the Lovie Jones Fund for Studies Abroad. 
  • Immersive Learning: Students have the opportunity to be immersed in cultural activities in and out of the classroom thanks to the generosity of donors like Sara Jo Manning ‘58 ‘60. In February 2022, WPU Students and Manning attended a Motown concert at the North Carolina Symphony.

How can you participate in WPU’s Day of Giving?

  • Give: Give a gift this Day of Giving and support WPU!
  • Wear: Wear green or your WPU or Peace College gear on April 21.
  • Share: Share WPU’s Day of Giving on social media and with your friends and family. Ask them to join you in giving courageously to WPU!  You can also help amplify #WPUDayofGiving by using our Ambassador Tool Kit.