Poteat Leads SGPA at WPU

November 20, 2023
Alyssa Poteat

Meet Alyssa Poteat, a 20-year-old shining example of leadership at William Peace University. Currently serving as the Resident Assistant in the freshman dorms and the Student Body President for the class of 2025, Alyssa’s impact on campus is substantial.

Originally from Apex, North Carolina, Alyssa’s journey is characterized by her vibrant campus spirit and early recognition of her leadership potential. Balancing her roles as a Business Administration student and a dedicated campus leader, Alyssa emphasizes the importance of staying organized and creating a balance to manage her diverse responsibilities.

Alyssa’s leadership extends to advocating for her peers. As the Student Body President for the class of 2025, she actively collaborates to address student concerns, enhance student life, and ensure the administration responds to student needs. Additionally, as a Resident Assistant, she fosters inclusivity within Peace’s campus community through various activities and initiatives.

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