#PrepareAtPeace: Alumna Fanny Slater Becomes Food Network Co-Host

January 25, 2017

For most people, the start of a new year means change, often through resolutions and the setting of new goals, but for alumna Fanny Slater, 2017 means the start of something truly amazing.

For Slater, who graduated in 2009, this year marks the launch of her career as a TV co-host on Food Network’s “Kitchen Sink.  And if you happened to catch the second season debut on January 15, it’s obvious that Slater is no stranger to the camera. In fact, what led Slater to her new job as co-host was her participation on the “Rachael Ray Show,” where she successfully competed against other contestants in The Great American Cookbook Competition. As part of winning the competition, Slater published her 245-page cookbook chock full of recipes, each with their own flavorful backstories.

“It’s been a blast to get to share my story…and to have that title of being the winner of this competition has really put me in a place to get to talk to more people than I ever could have imagined…”

Fanny Slater Book Cover
Fanny Slater on the cover of her cook book, Orange, Lavender & Figs. Courtesy of fannyslater.com

“It’s been a blast to get to share my story and write for more magazines,” Slater said, when asked about life since the competition. “And to have that title of being the winner of this competition has really put me in a place to get to talk to more people than I ever could have imagined, which is the greatest part.”

It’s true that talking to people comes natural for Slater. And it’s easy to marvel at her on-camera presence, but in speaking with the 31-year-old you quickly find she’s been prepping for the screen her whole life.

A born-performer, Slater gained film experience while acting in Los Angeles, where she found an affinity for improv comedy. Couple that with her life-long love of cooking and her BA in English from Peace, you’ve got Fanny Slater – a book writing, joke-cracking cook who knows how to charm a camera.

“You know in college, you’re not really focused on eclectic culinary and wonderful ingredients,” Slater said, chuckling when asked if she honed in on her cooking skills while at Peace.

She may not have fine-tuned her cooking as a student, but Slater does attribute her proficiency in public speaking and writing as the skills she sharpened during her time at WPU. As an English major, she cites Dr. Charles Duncan, specifically, as one her favorite professors.

“That’s one of the things that was so great about this school,” Slater said. “Having teachers who really cared about you and really cared about what you’re interested in and want to see you get better at it.”

“The fact that it’s a smaller school has always meant that you get that attention in a way that is so important for students who kind of feel lost…”

Fanny Slater reads an excerpt from her cookbook.
Fanny Slater reads an excerpt from her cookbook to an audience at WPU

It may be hard to imagine that Slater could ever feel lost, especially when she admits to having always hoped that she would make it to where she is today.

“I think there’s always been a part of me that knew, that hopefully someday, something like this would happen,” she said. “But you never really know what to expect with life.”

Slater laughed when talking about how her mother told people she had been practicing her signature since she was two years old. With confidence like that, it’s no wonder she finds herself in such a great point in her life after Peace, personally and professionally.

“Coming back here [to WPU] and being in such a good place, with my family and my boyfriend, its a very wonderful feeling.”

For more information on Fanny’s show, “Kitchen Sink”, visit www.foodnetwork.com/shows/kitchen-sink.

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