#PrepareAtPeace: Anthony McCue ’16 Talks Making WPU History & Gaining Acceptance to UNC Law School

November 16, 2016

Much of Anthony McCue’s collegiate career and future goals hinged on passing the Law School Admissions Test (LSAT) and becoming a lawyer. As a pre-law major at WPU, it had been a dream of his for as long he could remember. After months of cramming, he decided to give the exam a try, and soon after receiving his initial scores, he found that his dream was much more of a reality.

“Alex and I are ecstatic to represent William Peace University graduates at UNC-Chapel Hill Law, and each of us intends on upholding WPU’s ideals and expectations.”

After months of filling out law school applications, and years of work in WPU classrooms, Anthony, along with his close friend and WPU classmate, Alex Ruzzier ’16, made history at William Peace University. Last spring, the two became the first male graduates of Peace to be accepted into the UNC School of Law in the University’s 159-year history*; and not just any law school, but one of the best in the country. Among the first men to arrive on campus as a traditional undergraduate student, Anthony was no stranger to making history and carving his own path. He was also the first-ever male President of the Student Government Association (SGA).

McCue and Ruzzier came to WPU on two separate paths, but became close friends with a common goal. He describes their acceptance into the same law school as icing on a cake that was already pretty sweet.

“Alex and I knew our goal for senior year began during sophomore year. We each knew we would take the LSAT in either the summer or fall of 2015. We each knew we would apply to numerous law schools. We each knew we would be accepted.”

“During our high school newspaper course in the fall of 2011, Alex and I officially met,” he continued. “However, I’d actually seen him working at his first job at Arby’s in Raleigh, before I attended my music lessons. Nearly two years later, I convinced Alex to transfer from Wake Tech to WPU with the promise of acceptance into law school. I bet on myself in this situation, and we both came out successful.”

“Without WPU, neither of us would have the life-changing experiences that inspired us to attend law school.”

McCue was an all-star at WPU. Not only a pivotal leader in SGA, but also a member of the University’s Phi Alpha Delta professional law fraternity chapter, it’s no surprise he achieved his goal and is now living his dream. He was a stand-out on campus from the first day he arrived.

“It’s incredible. Both of these guys [Anthony and Alex] decided to go to Chapel Hill, but they were also accepted into other law schools,” said Dr. Beth Kusko, Program Coordinator of Criminal Justice, Political Science, and Pre-Law. “The first two men from WPU to get into these very prestigious law schools is amazing.”

A natural leader, not only intelligent, but easy to work with, and humble to the core, McCue attributes his success to the institution that afforded him every leadership opportunity he conquered in his undergraduate studies – William Peace University.

“Without WPU, neither of us would have the life-changing experiences that inspired us to attend law school,” he said. “I imagine most believe successful people originate from the largest and most renowned universities in the world with billion-dollar endowments. Fortunately, successful people also hail from a softly lit campus that sparkles on the edge of downtown Raleigh, with a promise for peace.”

“Words cannot describe the foundation of success William Peace University provided for both Alex and I, and I guarantee our professional careers will reflect everything it means to be a Pacer.”

Anthony and Alex both began law school in August of 2016. They are both proud to report they are doing well and representing WPU to the fullest.

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*Peace was an all-women’s institution until 2012 when it admitted its first class of traditional undergraduate male students