#PrepareAtPeace: Kristina Cass Graduates As WPU’s First Commissioned Army Officer

May 26, 2017

As Memorial Day approaches and we remember our nation’s fallen armed forces, many members of the military are just beginning their own legacies – none more important than Second Lieutenant Kristina Cass. During Commencement, Cass made history at WPU, becoming the first WPU ROTC cadet to be commissioned into the Army.

“Commissioning means swearing into the Army as an officer to defend and protect the Constitution of the United States.”

Cass was joined on stage by her mother, Bobbi Cass, and grandmother, Roberta Cass, and younger sister, Cheyenne Cass, who had the honor of pinning the gold bars of the Second Lieutenant rank onto Kristina’s uniform.

Proud and ready for her next step, Cass studied everything from rank structure and tactics, to how to lead troops into battle during her four years of ROTC. Battle-ready and educated, she is extremely excited, albeit nervous, to be the first commissioned Army officer from WPU.

cass handshake 200x300 - #PrepareAtPeace: Kristina Cass Graduates As WPU's First Commissioned Army Officer
2LT Kristina Cass swears into the U.S. Army

“While at a conference, I was approached by the full bird colonel who is in charge of the entire 4th Brigade,” Cass said, chuckling. “And he asked when there would be more officers coming from Peace – everyone [in the military community] knows about it.”

There are at least two more Peace cadets who will graduate in the next few years following Cass, and there are sure to be more as the trail has been blazed. What’s even better? Kristina graduated debt-free courtesy of the ROTC Program and is ready to tackle the responsibilities of her new full-time job – a military contract that extends at least seven years (at .

“I actually got two of my internships because I was a cadet,” Cass said. “Being a cadet means that you’re disciplined and organized and I learned a lot of leadership traits along the way that I think really helped me land those positions.”

“I want to run for political office in North Carolina. I want to start out running for North Carolina House and hopefully work my way up to Congress and make a change.”

Now that she’s achieved her goal of commissioning, Cass isn’t stopping there. If anyone can make a change, it’s Second Lieutenant Cass, who is no stranger to hard work and leadership. It’s no doubt the Army is proud to add her to its ranks, and it’s no doubt that William Peace University is proud to call her an alumna.

Cass will be stationed with the 16th MP BDE at Fort Stewart in Georgia. Her service officially begins Friday, June 2, 2017.

For more news and information on William Peace University, visit www.peace.edu/news.

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