2017 President’s Award Winners

April 24, 2017
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The University is proud to honor the following students who have been awarded the President’s Award for 2017. This award recognizes students annually who are outstanding contributors to our community and excel in four qualities that comprise an ideal WPU student: Scholarship, Leadership, Service and Character (Ethical Integrity). The following students serve as role models and active examples of the institution’s motto, Esse quam videri – “to be, rather than to seem.”

2017 President’s Award Winners
  • Meredith Bobbitt
  • Tanner Brown
  • Carolina Koncz
  • Amelia Melching
  • Matthew Proctor
  • Emmanuel Reyes
  • Rebecca Tshibambi
  • Payton Weller

President Award recipients meet the following criteria:

  • Pillar One – Scholarship – Engage in academic activities with faculty, staff and fellow students
  • Pillar Two – Leadership – Serve as a leader and actively encourage others to be active in the campus community
  • Pillar Three – Service – Value servant leadership and be enthusiastically involved in regular service to others
  • Pillar Four – Character – Practice ethical decision making and uphold the values of the honor code and CHOICES program

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