Still Time to Apply for Fall 2022 at WPU!

May 17, 2022

Feeling behind? It isn’t too late to apply for college. In fact, you may be right on time!

In the spring, there’s a big rush of high school seniors meeting the application deadlines of hundreds, perhaps thousands of colleges and universities. By mid-May, it’s mostly over; those schools have admitted their classes for Fall 2022 and will not accept any more students. Many U.S. schools operate on application deadlines each spring, and that model works for them. 

But if you’re a high school senior who feels you may have missed out, don’t worry — there are thousands of institutions who continue to accept students for Fall 2022 — one student at a time. 

While the most selective colleges and universities in the U.S. are “done,” many other very good institutions are still welcoming students who are a good fit for their schools. 

William Peace University is one of those very good institutions. 

Why Rolling Admissions 

“Rolling admissions” means there is no application deadline. We know that selecting a college is a complex (and certainly somewhat stressful) process. Students from a wide range of backgrounds approach the process differently and on different timelines. That is the very reason we are strong believers in rolling admissions: it provides opportunities for students who are ready to make a decision in October of their senior year and for those who are ready to make a decision as they approach graduation from high school — or even the summer after graduating. 

Rolling admissions also provinces options to students who change their minds. 

At WPU, we have had students apply after they attended orientation at a huge university. They arrived, realized that it wasn’t for them, and successfully switched. Others have come to us after their family relocated to North Carolina, preferring to attend college closer to their new home. 

Apply Now for Fall 2022 

Every student’s story and journey is unique, including yours. Is WPU your next step? It’s not too late to find out. Apply now and one of our incredible counselors will contact you so your questions are answered.