Simulation and Game Design at WPU

April 11, 2023
SGD Degree

As a Simulation and Game Design (SGD) major at William Peace University (WPU) in Raleigh, students have access to some of the top gaming companies in the industry, including Epic Games, Ubisoft, Insomnia, and RedHat. WPU’s location and immersive learning experience provide a chance to network, learn from experienced professionals, and potentially land internships or jobs.

Junior SGD major, Andrew Peck, with an art focus, shares that there are two paths students can take within the SGD major: the art side or the programming side. The SGD curriculum at WPU combines art and computer science, allowing students to express their creativity while learning AI programming and character and environment design. Andrew finds that the SGD lab is helpful for gaining outside input, and the community at WPU is great for making friends with shared interests. 

Andrew shared that he was drawn to WPU because of its focus on immersive learning and that the location in downtown Raleigh provides endless inspiration: “it’s right in the heart of downtown Raleigh. So any inspirations are everywhere around you. You want to go for city themes? It’s right around you. You want botanical gardens? Walk around WPU.”

Kaylah Derilus, also a junior SGD major with an art focus, spends her typical day researching and designing. She is currently working on her innovative project, which involves redesigning astronaut suits. The innovative project is “meant to hone your specific skill by yourself. [Which] is more challenging because the professors want you to focus on a weakness you have– [hers] is character design so that’s what [she] has to focus on.” The projects in the SGD program allow Kaylah to combine multiple of her interests into one craft. Kaylah appreciates the innovative and collaborative projects at WPU that simulate what it’s like to work through the game design pipeline.

Micheal Mansfield ’23, a commuter SGD major with a programming focus, speaks about the challenge of juggling school and family life. However, he shares that commuting to WPU and balancing his assignments is worth it because he is “ passionate about seeing [his] work turned into something. And so the fact that [he] gets to see a finished product at the end of it makes [him] want to keep doing it.”

The curriculum at WPU is hands-on and immersive, providing opportunities for students to apply their skills to real-world situations. Michael enjoys the challenge of designing and programming his own games, and he appreciates the supportive professors at WPU who provide instant feedback and show students where they need to improve.

Overall, as an SGD major at WPU, students can expect to be challenged, pushed to think outside the box, and encouraged to pursue their passions. The SGD program at WPU offers immersive learning experiences and real-world expectations to prepare students for careers in the industry. The location in downtown Raleigh provides endless inspiration, and the community at WPU is great for making friends with shared interests.