Six Jobs You Can Get With an Education Degree That Aren’t Teaching Jobs

October 26, 2021

William Peace University’s Education Degree is one of the fastest-growing programs at the school. WPU offers an elementary education program that not only prepares graduates to be elementary school teachers and special education teachers, but also provides the knowledge, skills, and valuable professional contacts that can open doors beyond classroom teaching positions.

A bachelor’s degree from WPU’s extensive liberal arts curriculum gives students exposure to broad, general education as well as an opportunity to develop the soft skills – verbal and written communication skills, teamwork, problem-solving – so important for success in the American workforce. Whether you want to stay in the education field but would rather not have a teaching job, or you are looking for something that utilizes your major specialization or concentration, you can be sure there are myriad career opportunities available to you.

Career Options Beyond the Classroom

The job opportunities listed below are similar to a teaching career in that they are versatile, always in demand, and allow room for growth. Don’t stop with this list. Contact a career counselor in the WPU Office of Academic and Career Advising to help you find a job that matches your skills and personality.

Before/After School Program Director. Keeping children engaged, entertained, and away from trouble before and after school hours is becoming more important with two-income households. In this job, you will keep your pulse on the children’s education by providing an enriching experience for them pre- and post-school times. A program director works with schools, program staff, and teachers to create and implement activities for children of varying ages. The activities should meet the goals, mission, and education policy of the program, whether you are director of a school program or a local community center, such as a YMCA. This job requires non-standard early morning and late evening work hours. Before and after school directors in the Raleigh, N.C. area can expect to earn up to $45,000, according to ZipRecruiter.

Corporate Trainer. Corporate trainers can work in nearly every industry, and it is a great job for someone who really wants to teach, but prefers to be in a corporate setting. As a trainer, you will spend much of your time working with people, giving presentations, and leading training activities. You may also be responsible for developing your own training materials. With many companies pivoting and changing the way they do business today, trainers are needed to help employees change with the times. The U.S. government projects 11% growth in this job market over the next 10 years. Salaries can vary widely and are dependent on your employer.

Event Planner. Leave education behind and take advantage of the planning and organizational skills you developed when learning how to run a classroom or school function. Event planners are responsible for coordinating, managing, and tracking every step of an event. This job is considered high-paced and requires you to work well under pressure. Events can include anything from a 5k run, to a wedding, a corporate trip, or a child’s birthday party. Just as events vary, so too can your employment. You could work for a corporation as their event planner or at an event planning company that manages events for all types of clients. With your liberal arts background and strong work ethic developed from WPU’s immersion training requirements, you may even consider becoming a freelance event planner. According to Eventbrite, median salaries for event planners are around $50,000.

Instructional Designer. If you are passionate about early childhood education, adult education, or any other education field, you can still make a difference without becoming a school teacher. Public schools, private schools, and corporate educational programs hire instructional designers to redesign existing courses, develop new classes, or to create training materials, such as teaching manuals and student guides. Similar jobs include instructional coordinators and curriculum design employees. These job titles are often used interchangeably, and according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the positions can pay over $65,000 per year. Some positions may require a master’s degree.

School Counselor. If you like a school environment and working with young people and students, an elementary or secondary school counseling position could be a good job for you. Counselors help create and support a successful, safe learning environment for students. They provide individual and group counseling services to students; consult and collaborate with parents, teachers, and other stakeholders; and monitor student academic performance, behavior, and attendance and provide and/or facilitate appropriate student interventions. At the high school level, guidance counselors may be dealing with students struggling with peer pressure and drug and alcohol use, as well as supporting students with educational planning after graduation. Certain counseling certifications may be required. If you are interested in career counseling or a similar career path in the higher education setting, an advanced degree may be required. 

Writer. If you have a good command of the English language, and you like to write, you can work for just about any company. Companies hire full-time writers to write web content, marketing literature, in-house employee manuals, customer emails, and so much more. Technical writers have become more popular at IT companies. They often collaborate with software developers and subject-matter experts to document software functionality and solutions. Copywriting is a niche job that includes writing ads for social media and print and is considered to be at the core of most businesses. Copywriters can work in virtually any industry including the food industry, non-profits, service providers, and for school systems. Pay for writers can vary widely, but entry-level writers in the U.S. earn, on average, $51,000.

Sales Representative. Many companies are now seeking education majors and former teachers to fill sales positions. Teachers have skill sets in high demand such as public speaking and presentation skills, organization, multi-tasking, and the ability to explain complex concepts. Sales representatives often earn a salary plus commission, earning anywhere from $50,000 a year to more than $100,000. 

Enter the Education Degree Program at William Peace University

To earn a teaching degree, WPU students must complete a four-year program that includes coursework, extensive practicum and field experiences, and student-teaching opportunities. Educators will need to complete the appropriate licensure requirements for the state in which they wish to teach. To work for private businesses, certification may not be required.

Find out what it takes to complete an education degree at WPU by contacting an admissions counselor today. We offer financial aid and scholarships for education majors.