Star Alumni Program

September 19, 2021

Thank you to our 2020-2021 Star Alumni! 

One of the most important factors determining the strength of a university is the vibrancy of its alumni body. A connected and engaged alumni community is vital to the future and success of William Peace University (WPU). The Star Alumni program celebrates our most involved and engaged WPU Alumni!  

Alumni Engagement is the lifelong relationship between graduates and their alma mater created through alumni participation and involvement in the life and success of William Peace University and its students. The ways alumni can get involved and participate in the life and success of WPU and our students fall into five categories: Attending, Volunteering, Connecting, Giving, and Mentoring. Alumni who participate in all five categories of alumni engagement annually become Star Alumni

Consider ways you can get involved and participate by sharing your time and expertise. From serving on the Alumni Association Board of Directors to mentoring students in the Pacer Partners Program, from acting as a social media champion on Giving Days to attending Alumni Weekend, alumni engagement is fun, fulfilling and makes a world of difference! 

For more information on alumni engagement opportunities and how to become a Star Alumni, visit 

Congratulations to our 2021 Star Alumni!

2021 Stars

Sara Jo Manning ‘58 ‘60

Gaile Sutton Pope ‘59

Sarah Armstrong Barge ‘79

Kathy Pendergraft Lambert ‘79

Kelly Key Gaines ‘82

Martha McKown Kelley ‘82

Dawn Dillon ‘86

Kristy Smith Mallard ‘93

Pamela Widlak Folsom ‘02

Kimberly Morrison ‘04

Melissa Cade ‘05 ‘07

Jamie Baggs ‘06

Elizabeth Timberlake Edwards ‘07

Rachael Rosenberg Buffkin ‘08

Kirsten Jarrell Benzaquen ‘11

Megan Hoffner ‘11

Brittany Goodman Nelson ‘11

Gale McCoy Wilkins ‘11

Taylor Shaw ‘12

Melissa Allen Manyatis ‘13

John B. Cranham ‘14

Cheniqua Lassiter  ‘15

Ginny Taylor Mott ‘15

Christiane Newell ‘15

Deja Barber ‘16

Maya Bryant ‘16

Ozzy Peralta ‘17

Deja Gainey ‘20

Michael McHale ‘20