Students create WPU virtual reality tour

October 28, 2022
Adam (left) and Nathan Lembo

When brothers Adam and Nathan Lembo ’23 first came to WPU, they discovered a passion for the University.

Transfer students from Wake Technical Community College, they came to WPU in their junior year because of the partnership between the two schools. However, they quickly found WPU offered more than just a smooth transition — its faculty taught immersive classes that gave them real-world experience in their major, Simulation and Game Design. 

One class even gave them the opportunity to create a Virtual Reality (VR) tour of campus. 

In Spring 2022, the brothers were two of six students who spent the semester creating the unique VR experience.

They created a tour where users can interact with objects, pick things up, and click on images to learn more about the University. It is now available offline and online on WPU Oculus headsets and will be used to promote WPU.

The first time any of the students worked in VR, the team presented their work to WPU’s Director of Integrated Marketing every other week, just as if they were hired as an outside agency.

“Normally, you work on assignments tailored to a class. But this project was created for a client and will be used,” Nathan said. “It was scary to work on, but creating it built up confidence in me and showed me what I am capable of doing.”

After the spring course, the brothers put the finishing touches on the tour during a summer, paid internship at WPU. 

The project was exhibited at the 2022 Spring Showcase, the 2022 East Coast Gaming Conference, and shared with the WPU Community at the annual State of the University Address in November 2022. After presenting at the gaming conference, Nathan said it piqued potential employers’ interest in him. 

The brothers are excited to include their work on the tour in their resumes.

“It’s kind of a brag to say you helped your university create a VR tour,” Adam said. “I am passionate about Simulation and Game Design because it can create products that benefit and help others — this tour is an example of that.”