Transferring with the Benefits of an Articulation Agreement

September 11, 2020

He first learned about the Simulation and Game Design degree options and the Articulation Agreement between Wake Tech Community College (WTCC) and William Peace University (WPU) at the East Coast Game Conference and it sparked his interest. Fast forward a few years and this collaboration is why Michael Wright came to WPU. Wright, a transfer student who completed his Associate in Science Degree in Simulation and Game Development at WTCC, is now pursuing his Bachelor of Arts in Simulation and Game Design (SGD).

The transfer process was an easy, streamlined experience, Wright said, and the ability to complete his bachelor’s in four years was important. 

He added there were  additional factors that led him to transfer to WPU. “The location is very convenient, only about a 20-minute drive from home, and I like the smaller campus with the small class sizes,” he said.

“With big classrooms, it can feel so impersonal,” Wright added. “You can’t ask for as much individual attention. At WPU, you can.” He also said he appreciates knowing many of his peers in the SGD program.

Recently WTCC and WPU expanded their Articulation Agreement relationship and combined previous individual program agreements into a single, comprehensive umbrella agreement. This collaboration simplifies the transfer process for graduates of Wake Tech’s Associate in Applied Science degree in Business Administration, Business Analytics, Criminal Justice Technology, Health and Fitness Science and Simulation and Game Development who wish to continue their education and earn a bachelor’s degree in corresponding programs at William Peace University. 

Wright was able to take advantage of this agreement to maximize his transfer of credits, which both contributed to a more cost-effective education as well as ensured his plan to graduate with a bachelor’s degree in four years. 

While at WTCC, Wright said that he took classes under Brandon Crews, who is now Assistant Professor of Simulation and Game Design at WPU. This prior connection added to his certainty of making the right decision to transfer. 

“I really enjoyed Crews as a faculty member and being in his classes here at WPU feels comfortable,” Wright said.I know his teaching style, what he expects from class work and what he values in a project, so I feel confident I’ll do well.” 

Choosing to pursue studies and a career in SGD was not a difficult one. Wright said: “I’ve always wanted to do something in the creative field and I love video games and digital art. The two just seemed to work together for game design as an obvious choice.”

Now in his senior year, Wright is well on his way to career success and at the moment is enjoying life as a Pacer with a bright future. 

“I’ve been thinking a lot about what I’ll do next and even if I don’t land in video gaming, I want to work within a creative industry where I can work with storytelling and digital media.”