Undergraduate Degrees Offered at WPU

December 20, 2022

William Peace University is known for their state of the art Simulation and Game Design program. But did you know WPU has over 30 options for majors and minors. Programs range from Elementary Education to Forensic Science and Pre-Law.

Bachelor of Arts

Anthropology: Anthropology answers the question, what makes us human? By studying a variety of cultures you will develop an understanding of the complexity of the human experience. This provides students with greater marketability in today’s job market. Anthropology majors excel in fields such as academics, business, communications, government, and many more.

In addition to the core requirements for Anthropology, students complete 16 elective credit hours. Elective courses range from Anthropology of Sports, Anthropology of Death, American Ethnic Relations, Special Topics Courses and many more.

Anthropology professors have free range with special topics courses and students receive a tailored experience unique to WPU. Our small class sizes allow students to make connections with their professors and other students.

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English: English graduates leave WPU with an understanding and appreciation for literature. Students learn to become an effective communicator, both as a writer and by applying critical thinking skills. Our four year curriculum encompasses both creative and professional writing. English majors study a wide range of literature, from American and World literature before the 1700’s to special interest courses such as Latin American Literature, African American Literature, and Southern American Literature. There is a special interest class designed for a variety of literature lovers.

Special topics courses in English range from Utopias and Dystopias, where you explore works of fiction such as The Giver, The Handmaid’s Tale and analyze the parallels between fictional dystopian worlds and societies around the world. Another interesting course is gothic literature, where students study stories of ghosts, vampires and psychological horrors in American and British Literature.

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Interactive Design (IxD): Interactive design studies the intersection of computers and human behavior to develop systems to enhance the lives of people all around the world. UX professionals solve complex technological issues and create programs to progress our society.

Interactive Designers work with multimedia, apps, cell phones, user interfaces and so much more. WPU utilizes the fundamentals of communication and design thinking and practice to have a positive effect on user experiences. Designers solve problems for consumers by understanding the user’s journey, behavior and interactions.

Courses in web design, computer programming and simulation and game design are highlights of the coursework of this degree. Students have the opportunity to choose electives such as Marketing, Digital Media Convergence, and Interactive and Social Media classes.

The Interactive Design curriculum is taught mostly by WPU professors, but some courses are taught through an online consortium partner, LCMC. This allows students to gain access to specialized courses not offered at WPU.

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Bachelor of Science:

Business Administration: Business Administration allows students to learn the skills valued by business leaders such as strong communication skills and data analytics. WPU’s curriculum prepares students to excel in major corporations and provides them with the knowledge to start their own businesses. Courses center around business education theories and how to conduct business on a global scale. Students will choose a specialized concentration in Global Business, Marketing, Leadership and Management Studies, or Sport Management.

Courses such as Accounting, Economics, Marketing, as well as Law and Finance prepare students to excel in future board rooms. Study abroad options are catered specifically to Business majors, so they can experience the world of business in a global context.

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Criminal Justice: The Criminal Justice program at WPU provides students with the skills to understand law, and analyze crime to prepare them for careers in law and law enforcement. Our program takes an interdisciplinary approach to the criminal justice system.

Students take courses in Forensic Science, American Ethic Relations, Public Administration courses as well as a variety of psychology courses. Criminal Justice students will complete two academic internships, and work closely with the Criminal Justice community just blocks away downtown.

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Marketing: WPU’s Marketing program provides students with a varietal foundation, covering disciplines such as advertising, public relations, media planning, sales strategy and management, brand management, search engine optimization and more.

Marketing students learn communication and computer skills to effectively collaborate inside and outside of the classroom. Students study courses in Economics, Accounting, Human Resources Management and more. Students choose a total of 18 elective credit hours, and these courses range from Global Marketing courses, to Marketing Research, and Social Media courses.

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Bachelor of Fine Arts:

Musical Theatre: The Musical Theatre program at WPU provides students with the confidence and skills to work on professional theatre. Students study and are mentored by accomplished faculty and guest artists. This is a rigorous performance-oriented program that requires students to audition for the program.

The curriculum includes courses in Music Theory, Applied Voice, Dance and Acting courses. Students can choose 8-9 electives in Musical Theatre such as Arts in Society, Costume and Make up, as well as Directing. In addition to Musical Theatre electives, students also choose 6-7 general elective courses. These courses can range from psychology electives to writing electives. They are left to the discretion of the student. 

WPU has come a long way from the days of a two year, all girls institution. The faculty keeps pushing the bar to create more opportunities for students to excel in a growing technological world. Are you thinking about attending WPU and aren’t sure if we offer the program you’re interested in? Take a look at the full list of majors and minors we offer!