What It’s Like to Get a Sport and Fitness Studies Degree from WPU

October 19, 2021

Most people who pursue a career in the health and wellness industry want to share their passion for sports and fitness with others. To be successful, though, they need a well-rounded knowledge of health, wellness, exercise, and general sports information. Students in the Sport and Fitness Studies degree program at William Peace University, will not only gain that critical in-depth knowledge of wellness and the sports industry but will also graduate with practical experience that leaves them fully prepared to start their career.

Although experts report thousands of new fitness-related job openings each year, a bachelor’s degree from WPU’s newest sports studies major will put you head and shoulders above your non-WPU peers and will open up a wide range of career opportunities. You will be qualified for careers at corporate, private, and community fitness centers; within elementary and secondary schools; at hospitals, medical clinics and elder care settings; and, even as a freelance fitness consultant or personal trainer. You will also have the skills and ability to promote the benefits of a healthy lifestyle to clients with different wellness goals: healthy athletes looking to get stronger and faster, out-of-shape adults wanting to improve their health, or patients rehabilitating after an illness or injury.

Coursework and Classroom Environment for Sport and Fitness Studies

The WPU Sport and Fitness Studies (SFS) major is a 120-credit hour program geared toward traditional undergraduate students who live on campus in Raleigh, NC and are dedicated to preparing for a successful career and life. Classes are presented by competent, engaging staff who are experienced in the field, including WPU’s own head strength & conditioning coach. WPU professors don’t just teach classes — they provide an interactive learning environment using innovative teaching techniques that encourage participation and fun. Classes are small, the typical WPU student to faculty ratio is 12:1, and usually involve hands-on learning and physical activity. WPU believes the best way to learn is by doing!

There are similarities between the Exercise and Sport Science (ESS) bachelor of science (B.S.) degree program and the Sport and Fitness Studies (SFS) bachelor of arts (B.A.) program. You will notice that some of the classes you take in the SFS program are also required for the exercise and sport science program. However, while the ESS curriculum is science-heavy, including classes in chemistry, epidemiology, and kinesiology, giving students a comprehensive knowledge of the human body, students in the sport and fitness track gain a broader knowledge of the sport and fitness industry.

You will have specialized courses on coaching, fitness and athletic training, personal training, and strength and conditioning, and you will have more flexibility in the general elective courses you take. Focused SFS classes include exercise testing and prescription, lifetime fitness and wellness, principles of strength and conditioning, and sport coaching, as well as nutrition, sport psychology.

WPU Students Learn by Immersion

WPU has a goal to ensure that Sport and Fitness Studies students graduate with “an in-depth knowledge and holistic understanding of the human body.” You can’t just learn this by sitting in a desk and listening to lectures, so WPU supplements classroom education with “learning-by-immersion.”

William Peace University is proud to be named as one of the nation’s Colleges of Distinction for 2021-2022. WPU was recognized for its “commitment to engaged, immersive, hands-on education,” and much of the success is given to the incredible faculty who focus on the students, beginning with their first year of enrollment. What this means for you is an exciting education experience.

Students take what they learn in the classroom and apply it firsthand. You may first be given instruction on how to properly perform a squat, but you will soon be in the weight room doing a few yourself. Instruction could mean taking blood pressure, weightlifting, playing basketball, hitting the golf links, or creating a workout routine for a football player. WPU students will work up a sweat and may even find themselves getting stronger and living a healthier lifestyle.

Students have access to WPU’s varied fitness centers, including Hermann Athletic Center, home to the men’s and women’s basketball teams and women’s volleyball team; Pacer Performance Center featuring CrossFit space, a two-lane turf track, and Rogue fitness equipment; and The Stable with batting cages, pitching mounds, and driving ranges. Other facilities where students will learn sport studies include the USA Baseball National Training Complex, and WakeMed Soccer Park, home to North Carolina Courage of the National Women’s Soccer League.

Internships and Certification Prepare Students for the Real World

Did you know that 100% of WPU students complete an internship? SFS students will gain hands-on experience with certified physical trainers, physical therapists, and have the opportunity to get an inside look at sports management from many of the sports teams and organizations that call the Triangle area home, like the Durham Bulls and the Hurricanes.

WPU ensures that everyone graduates with solid hands-on work experience and that SFS graduates have appropriate fitness certifications to get started immediately in a career. Included as part of the SFS major, students can earn up to three professional certifications in Personal Training, Sport Coaching, and Strength & Conditioning. All the preparation to complete the certifications is included within the SFS curriculum.

Find Out More About WPU’s Sport and Fitness Studies Today

Learn the principles of how to positively impact the lives of others with a Sport and Fitness Studies bachelor’s degree from William Peace University, and be ready for the workforce. WPU reports that 96% of their 2019 graduates either gained employment or continued their education.

To find out more about WPU’s SFS program, visit Sport and Fitness Studies or contact an admissions counselor today. We offer financial aid and scholarships for students in SFS as well as our other sport studies programs.