What to Expect From an Esports Degree

April 20, 2021

So You Want a Degree in Esports and Gaming. Here’s What to Expect.

The global gaming industry is expected to reach a worldwide value of over $200 billion by 2023. As a result, middle school and high school gamers from around the country are looking for degree programs that can get them ready for a gaming and esports career.

Almost all gamers and esports fans already know that gaming is a huge part of the global entertainment industry, and good money can be made playing for an esports team or as an individual in esports competitions. Dozens of other behind the scenes gaming-related career opportunities also exist. If you want to work in the gaming industry, getting a bachelor’s degree in Esports and Gaming is a good place to start. Whether you hope to go into Gaming and Esports Management, Video Game Design, or Esports Marketing, a degree program at a respected and accredited university will put you on the path to success. Here’s what you can expect when you go after a degree in Esports and Gaming.

More Than League of Legends (LoL)

The first thing to realize before you start your college degree program, is that the world of esports and gaming includes a lot more than just game playing and competitions. From console development and digital marketing to competition event management, planning, and execution, the esports industry has many nooks and crannies. It’s almost a world unto itself. 

Because of this reality, a real-world college degree program should include instruction and education that prepares students to succeed in the industry in both general and specific ways. In addition to learning about the business administrative side of an esports degree, students will likely also learn about the changing technologies that support the industry — including servers and IT integrations, the logistics involved in overseeing esports tournaments and gaming conferences and competitions, changing game design, public relations, and more.

Esports and Gaming Classes and Coursework 

In many ways, a degree in Esports and Gaming is similar to a degree in business administration or business management. You’ll take classes and complete coursework in finance and accounting, marketing, economics, and the like. The difference, however, is that the majority of the classes required for your major — and your electives — will be geared toward your specialization in the gaming industry.

For example, at William Peace University, you’ll take classes like Simulation and Game Design, Sport Coaching Principles, and Sport Psychology. These types of classes, in addition to business and marketing classes, will help ensure you’re ready for the real-world upon graduation. While there will always be more to learn, especially in a growing and changing field like esports, getting an Esports and Gaming degree from a university can give you the foundation you need for a lifetime of learning, leadership, and career success.

Internships and Eventual Employment 

Esports and gaming jobs are very lucrative for college graduates, which is a big deal, because college can be expensive. Even with good financial aid packages, college graduates find themselves, on average, with almost $30,000 in debt when they enter the workforce. Getting a good return on that investment makes esports and gaming an even better choice, and because the industry is growing, the number of jobs available are growing, too. Annual salaries for full-time first year positions are just over $41,000, and Esports Managers make an average of just over $96,000 per year. The types of jobs and internships available to Esports and Gaming degree graduates are also broad. You can be an analyst, a game designer, a venue operator or event manager, esports coach or an esports marketer. You can specialize in social media promotion or make a career as a gaming journalist. 

One advantage to getting a degree, rather than just trying to break into the esports industry, is the relationship your university has with esports organizations and gaming businesses. This network provides a wealth of opportunities during your schooling and after graduation for life-changing internships and eventual employment. Because this network is so valuable to student success, it’s important to play close attention to where you decide to get your bachelor’s degree. Choose a university with a solid network of gaming connections in a city or region with a lot of opportunities like Raleigh or Seattle.

Turning your passion for video gaming into a career isn’t a pipe dream. With good preparation like a bachelor of arts degree, you can achieve your financial and career goals in a job you love. Competitive gaming viewership is growing and new esports are always in development. With a higher education degree in esports business or some other gaming and esports program, you can set yourself on a path to a lifetime of enjoyment and financial security in the world of esports and gaming.

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