Why You Should Consider a Degree in Psychology

April 11, 2022

Did you know one of the most popular majors across the United States is psychology? As a psychology major at William Peace University (WPU), you will learn about the inner workings of the brain as well as personality, perception, thinking, and social interaction. This knowledge is an asset in virtually any field, from medicine to business law. In WPU’s Psychology degree program, you will work closely with professors in small class sizes where faculty will challenge you to hone your critical thinking and analytical skills.

If you have ever been interested in the way the mind works, are an empathetic people person or are interested in what motivates people, a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from WPU may be the right choice for you. While earning your degree at WPU, you will study a vast array of courses from Cognitive and Biological Sciences, Abnormal and Clinical Psychology, as well as Career Exploration.

With a degree in psychology, there will be several rewarding career pathways open to you. A bachelor’s in psychology can be the first step toward a career in social work, teaching, caseworker, counseling, behavior analyst, marriage and family therapist, and many others. In addition, psychology is a great major for those interested in entering a health profession. National statistics show that Psychology majors are as likely to be accepted into medical schools as Biology or Chemistry majors. Similarly, Psychology is a good background for those interested in Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy. 

After WPU, our students most commonly pursue a 2-year master’s degree in social work, clinical mental health counseling, school counseling, and child, family & marriage therapy.

A degree in psychology opens up many opportunities to positively affect someone’s life. Many may choose to pursue a master’s degree after completing a bachelor’s in psychology. WPU has an excellent track record of helping our students get into graduate school. We recently had one of our seniors get accepted to Vanderbilt’s Counseling Program, and consistently over the year shave, our students accepted to UNC-Chapel Hill’s social work program.

Learn more about WPU’s educational path to a degree in psychology and see where WPU can lead you.