William Peace University Joins Common App

August 18, 2022

William Peace University (WPU) is now part of the Common App to make enrollment more accessible and convenient for students, officials said today. 

Common App is a nonprofit organization representing more than 900 higher education institutions. Students can use the tool to apply to a wide array of public and private colleges and universities across all 50 U.S. states and 20 countries. More than 1 million students each year use Common App to research and apply to institutions. 

Common App aims to make it easier for students, especially first-generation college students, to access higher education and answer questions. 

Such goals align with WPU, where many of the students are the first of their families to attend college, said Colleen Murphy, vice president of enrollment and marketing.  

“We know the data about how higher education transforms families, and I’ve seen that impact here,” Murphy said. “By joining Common App, we hope to introduce WPU to more students who may not realize the affordability of a quality, private education and make it easier for those who wish to apply.”  

Common App users can search for William Peace University directly on the site or see it when searching North Carolina schools.