WPU Announces Construction of Athletic Performance Center & Fitness Renovations

December 14, 2016
Pacer performance center promo image

William Peace University is proud to announce the construction of a new premier strength and conditioning performance center and remodeling of its current fitness center on campus. The projects should be completed during the spring semester and will enhance athletic and fitness facilities, providing student-athletes, as well as the WPU community, with an improved workout and wellness experience.

“We are very excited to announce a new strength and conditioning facility and an upgrade in our fitness center here at William Peace University,” said Phil Rowe, Director of Athletics. “The University continues to show its commitment to providing the very best facilities for our student-athletes and the student body. Thanks to the collaborative efforts between the University and the Student Government Association, our community will have access to first-class strength and conditioning and cardio-vascular opportunities very soon.”

“As we continue to grow as a university, it is critically important that we have outstanding facilities that enhance the student experience here at WPU.”

“I am excited about the opportunities our faculty, staff and especially students will have to improve their wellness, conditioning and overall athletic performance through these two new areas,” said Dr. Brian C. Ralph, President of William Peace University. “As we continue to grow as a university, it is critically important that we have outstanding facilities that enhance the student experience here at WPU.”

The new Pacer Performance Center will be located off E. Franklin St., adjacent to the softball field, and will serve as the primary strength and conditioning center for WPU student-athletes. The new facility will feature top-of-the-line Rouge fitness equipment, including power racks, more than 5,000 lbs. in weights, kettle bells, medicine balls and Olympic bars. The Center will also feature a 20-yard, two-lane turf track. The Performance Center will be available to the WPU community throughout the week with open times to be posted soon.

Additionally, the former weight room inside the Hermann Athletic Center will be renovated and converted into a cardio-based fitness center. New Cybex cardio machines will be installed, including an Arc Trainer – a treadmill and elliptical machine. The facility makeover will provide a larger stretching area and will feature new dumbbells for free-weight exercises. WPU students will be able to access the center on a regular basis.


More from WPU Faculty and Staff

Nate Bates, Men’s Lacrosse Head Coach/Strength and Conditioning Coach

“We could not be more excited about this new facility. The administration has certainly stepped up and provided us an outstanding facility to prepare our student-athletes for success. Under the direction of Kevin Daniels, we have been able to secure first-class equipment that will rival any D-III school in the country. This facility will transform how we train our athletes and the level of commitment our student-athletes can invest into their quest for success.”

Frank Rizzo, Vice President for Student Services

“The Pacer Performance Center will enhance the experience of our student-athletes and will also benefit the entire WPU community. Also, we have a forward-thinking Student Government Association that supports our enhancements of the Hermann Center and worked with us closely on this initiative. The facilities will be great assets to campus.”

Jacob Ennis, Student Government Association Representative

“The Student Government Association is extremely excited we have the opportunity to help fund this project as we believe it will greatly benefit not only our student-athletes, but all of our students, and be a platform for growth in the future. We hope to explore other projects to help other student groups in the next few years as well.”


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